Monday, February 1, 2010

Good riddance... bad rubbish. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Actually, let it hit you. You were never wanted in the first place.

Congrats to NJ shore towns for making sure these morons weren't allowed back in the Garden State. Sigh of relief? Yes. I won't have to know they're on our beaches while I'm working this summer. I'd guess they'll end up in Florida. You see much more of that culture down here in the party areas of Tampa and South Beach.

MTV better change the name of the show, and if they don't, I hope to GOD the state stands up and does something before the second season airs. The name has always been a lie. It wasn't really Jersey Shore in the first place.

I'm headed back from Florida today. I had three really nice days, then three not so nice days. It's going to rain today but at least it's not snow! I'll post an update when I'm back home.

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Steve said...

A pyrrhic victory.

iconjohn said...

Oh no, there ya go again. It's a dumb show but I'd love to see them wreck havoc in Avalon and get arrested in the process.
Of course I only watched one show.

Theresa said...

YES!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! Looks like "GO HOME BENNY" really works!!! Guess MTV couldn't stomach the insurance bills that would've piled up from more Shore locals fighting with the NY-trash. Love it.