Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Beach Day

Yesterday, I was in Asbury Park for some meetings. Lucky gal - it ended up being a 70 degree November day.

Pretty, right? I snapped this in between answering work emails. Another view:

Weird, right? I saw this at the Asbury Park Relay Marathon, too. I didn't care much here. I sat on the bench, took off my shoes, and put my feet in that sand.

For lunch, I met up with a friend at a new restaurant called Cubana. Excellent. Outstanding. And I'm picky about my Cuban food (I went to college in Tampa, which has deep Cuban roots). Of COURSE we sat outside.

Yeah, that was good too (and, yes my meetings were done by then).

The sun was glorious. People WERE in the water. But as soon as you stepped into that shade, it felt like November all over again.

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