Friday, January 30, 2009

Choo Choo!

I'm off riding the rails on ACES this morning. Hopefully the experience will be more this:

Or this:

Than this:

Or this:

Speaking of Sex in the City, you know that episode where they all go to Atlantic City for the weekend, and Carrie and Charlotte ride tramcars on the Atlantic City Boardwalk?

FAIL. Tramcars are in Wildwood. Hello?

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ZoeyBella said...

Or how about how almost every show that uses a shot of the AC skyline, uses a criminally outdated one that features the old Playboy/Atlantis/World's Fair tower?

Or in the Trump bio film, suddenly AC was Las Vegas.

Do your research, people!

Anonymous said...

OK, picky New Yorker chiming in here. I hate continuity issues.

The exterior of that "Sex and the City" train station shot was at Grand Central and they were walking alongside Metro North trains, which go to Westchester County and Connecticut, and they were not Amtrak, which is what would have sleeper cars. They would have had to go to Penn Station for that one. But I digress...

Have fun on the rails.