Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Week for the Jersey Shore

The week of the fourth of July is typically a very busy week at the Jersey Shore. A lot of folks take extra time off, which I can imagine is the case this year consider July 4 is on a Friday. I expect this weekend to be jam packed (which means people will show up for my signing at the Woodland Village in Clermont at 1pm on Saturday, right??)

And with that, I'm taking the rest of the week off. As much as I love the shore and talking about my book to whoever will listen, I'm a bit tired. I still plan on posting a news update and "your shore weekend," but tomorrow I'm going to be a complete shoobie and go down the shore to sit on the beach.

Which one? You'll never know ;-) Well, until I get back at least!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Simply the Best

Exciting news today: this blog has been named "Best Blog" by SJ Magazine in their annual Best of SJ issue. From the July issue:

"You’ve read her before...former SJ Magazine editor Jen A. Miller and author of The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May updates you on Shore happenings real-time in this fun and noteworthy blog. You’ll find everything from interviews with Shore notables to news roundups to Miller’s adventures."

Exciting!!!! And a great way to start my weekend!!!!

You can read the entire list here.

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Your Shore Weekend

This isn't one you read about every day: FakeFest at The Deck at Trump Marina today through Sunday. It's a bunch of cover bands.

Steely Dan is playing the Borgata on Friday.

Chicago and The Doobie Brothers are also play the Borgata, but on Saturday. This combo holds a special place in my heart. The first time I ever drank too much was in the parking lot before their concert. Memories.......

Ringo Starr is playing Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort on Saturday.

This looks like a whole lot of yummy fun: the 22nd Annual Red, White & Blueberry Festival is on Sunday at the Hammonton High School Grounds. And it's free!

The Ocean City Pops 80th anniversary concert is on Sunday.

There's a free concert at Veterans Plaza in Avalon tonight.

Avalon is also hosting a triathlon on Sunday.

North Wildwood's holding their annual Italian-American festival this weekend.

The Cape May Designer show house is open. Check out this article I wrote about it for the Philadelphia Inquirer for all the details. It's amazing what the designers did to that house. If I had a spare $2 million, I'd buy it. Better get me a lottery ticket...

As for MY shore weekend, I'm headed to Margate for a meeting followed by my first trip to the beach this year. Yes, it's sad but true: I have not been on the beach all summer. So me, my beach chair, ipod, book and suntan lotion will be doing some sunning before I head out in Atlantic City tonight. Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Farmer's market time in Ocean City! It takes place on Wednesday mornings at the Ocean City Tabernacle.

Speak of Ocean City, the boardwalk's having issues. And if you really like Ocean City, remember -- I did a video about the town!

Gotta love small town politics, especially when the cops are called.

You go mom! A woman catches a flasher in Ocean City with her cell phone.

Not only does this blog post have Jersey shore pictures, but it also has a great Phillies fan shot.

It's dolphin time at the Jersey Shore! Not many people realize that dolphins vacation at the shore, too. I've been in the water in Avalon and a foot away from dolphins. You can also take a whale watching trip to see the school frolic. Good times.

This is sad: two deadly plane crashes recently at the shore.

A sobering reminder that Atlantic City is not all fun and games: two teens shot and killed.

If you've never been to Corson's Inlet, go.

Here's a report and pictures from Wildwood's motocross event.

I have mixed feelings looking at this post. On one hand, it looks like SO MUCH FUN. On the other hand...I haven't been on the beach yet this summer. Sigh.

These pics are cute, too.

Here's an interesting article about the greening of surf boards.

Cape May's not the only beach town for weddings. Here's pictures from a Stone Harbor wedding.

And finally...I was NOT on CN8 today as previously posted. The interview has been rescheduled.

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Programming Notes

I'm scheduled to be on CN8 today at 10am and 10 pm. Click here to watch live!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Down the Shore with Jen: Ocean City

Like Ironman, stay after the credits for a sweet treat :-)

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What does your town say to you?

Not exactly shore, but I think it's a good question to ask yourself: What does your town say to you?

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Monday, June 23, 2008

My shore weekend...

...was fun but very long and draining. So check out this great article until I'm back to full speed :-)

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Your Shore Weekend

The big to do is Harborfest in Cape May on Friday and Saturday (and not just because I'm signing -- noon on Saturday at the Nature Center of Cape May!) It is a town wide to do that's part street fair, part seafood festival and, um, well...there's a beer garden. Need I say more? Amy Hill Hearth, who I wrote about in Sunday's Inquirer, will also be signing at 11am (it feels weird to say "also" in that sentence. She's the Peabody Award winner, not me!)

Stevie Wonder plays the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort on Saturday.

Stevie Nicks
is at the Borgata tonight and tomorrow night -- with an assortment of scarves, I'm sure.

Natasha Bedingfield (with the Veronicas and Kate Voegele) will be at the Borgata on Friday.

Bob Saget will be at the Borgata on Saturday. He's filthy. Don't believe me? Click here or here (NSFW).

Speaking of comedians, Carol Burnett is at Resorts tomorrow.

Cedric the Entertainer will also be at Resorts, also tomorrow.

Charo (Charo?!) is at the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort from June 22 through 27.

If the marble tournament in Wildwood wasn't enough for you, there a Marble Weekend at Wheaton Arts on Saturday and Sunday.

Antique auto show in Ocean City on Saturday.

There's a big, loud (I'm assuming) drum corp competition in Wildwood on Saturday.

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Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day

Around here, EVERY day is take your dog to work day, but, hey, I'll take any opportunity to post a picture of Emily.

Your Shore Weekend coming at you a bit later today!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture of the Day

Today's picture of the day comes from Claudine M. Jalajas. What great kid sunglasses! And I love the flower detail on the bathing suit.

Bonus: This picture comes with a story!

"It was a green Ford Galaxy 500 Fast Back. My mother, a French Canadian, had fallen in love with the Jersey shore. Each day in the summer she would pack up my brother and I in her green bullet for the hour or more ride to Long Branch beach. My mother’s long blonde hair would be pulled back in a French twist held back with only one large decorative comb. She wore a navy blue two-piece under her blouse and shorts. According to my mother the best shoes to wear to the beach were Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals—they kept your feet cool and the sand never stuck to the soles. Her toes matched her fingernail and lip color—frosted ice pink.

I sat in the back with my brother. The heat was so strong we rarely had the energy to fight or quibble over who was sitting too close to the center dividing line. No air conditioning back then so both windows were completely open and the thundering wind would deafen us which probably also prevented our habitual fights. My most vivid memories of the drive were of the long lines at the tollbooths and smelling the exhaust from all those cars. Too short to see the oncoming road so instead I listened to the gentle “tha thud” as we traveled across cracks in the highway and watched the wind tug and pull at my mother’s hair, desperate to release it from it’s comb.

This is a picture of me in 1970, aged 2, at Long Branch beach. While I no longer live in NJ, I live on Long Island and refuse to put a pool in my yard. I take my children to the beach on a regular basis—desperate to have them experience what I did. Making friends for the day with strangers, digging deep holes with your bare hands, the fun of finding sand crabs, jumping in waves, sand in your lunch, and the feeling of utter fatigue on the ride home. THAT is a good childhood memory..."

Do you have any retro Jersey Shore pictures you'd like to share? Send them my way at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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News from Around the South Jersey Shore

The big news lately was that part of the Wildwood boardwalk caught on fire. It made for pretty dramatic photos, but in the end, only two rides on one pier were destroyed.

I like this program: the "Angels" keep people from getting parking tickets in Cape May. I'm a "park at a free spot and walk" kind of gal, though that's becoming more difficult as the summer progresses.

Here's an update on how birding is going down the shore.

Check out this very cool night shot of Sea Isle City.

Lots and lots and lots of beach photos on this blog. Oh, and here, too.

This person's looking for a lunch spot in Cape May. I've weighed in. Will you?

The Atlantic City Convention Center is now home to one big solar array.

Folks in Strathmere criticize response time of state troopers. It's part of their argument to split from Upper Township -- if they did that, they could get quicker response from Sea Isle City police. My take on this issue is: the day after my junior prom, we all packed up our cars and headed to Strathmere. Why? Because they could put kegs in the sand, and drink without worrying about cops. And, yes, I say they. I was there, but did not drink (mom and dad, aren't you so proud of me?)

Congrats again to Matt and the Tri for our Veterans group. The triathlon helped them to give the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund the largest donation they've ever received (and that's just the half of it).

And if you're going to be in Cape May this weekend, make sure to enjoy the festivities of Harbor Fest, which will be all over town. I'll be talking at the Nature Center of Cape May at noon. For an hour. They have me down for one hour. I'm open to anyone's suggestions of what I should talk about...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Picture of the Day

I. Love. This. Picture.

How could you not? It's awesome, vintage, retro glam. The woman is Jeanne Kelley. I went to high school with her daughter, Megan (and I thank them both for letting me post this to the blog). Megan, if I remember right, used to waitress at Uncle Bill's Pancake house in Wildwood Crest and knows how to surf, which made me incredibly jealous because 1) I never learned how to surf and 2) when you're in high school, that is THE job to have.

So do you have any retro Jersey Shore pictures you'd like to share? Send them my way at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com.

**UPDATE** From Megan Kelley herself: "I worked at Samuel's Pancake house in North Wildwood, then the Captain's Table in Wildwood Crest (which has since been torn down)--it was just two blocks from our shore house, and then in college I was an ocean lifeguard on the beach in the friend Katie used to joke when we waitressed at the Captain's table because I would be in the ocean and then 20 minutes later in the Restaurant for work... but I had to maxmimize my beach time :) "

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Sometimes it's the little things

I'm not typically a "this is what I had for breakfast" blogger, but sometimes it's the little things that make a difference, and this is technically shore related. So...

I got a haircut. It's not that big a change (as you can see), but it's a big deal to me. Since I started on this book project last winter, I have been averaging two haircuts a year, which is why I'm ridiculously excited about having taken the time to have it done. I think it's perfect. You can see my face. The added layers even 'wave' nicely when I don't blow dry it (which I rarely do in the summer anyway).

If you, too, need a haircut, I highly recommend Samantha at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at Harrah's (though not for a few weeks since she's leaving for her destination wedding this weekend -- yes, we had girl talk, which is part of the fun of getting a hair cut).

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rock of...Something

As I mentioned in my last post, I stuck around Harrah's on Friday night to go to the Bret Michael's concert. He first played at the House of Blues at the Showboat -- a show my group actually missed because the got caught in traffic in New York City. We, um, weren't that upset.

But I did get to watch him do an acoustic set on the outdoor deck of the Pool at Harrah's. He sounded OK, but the real show were the people in the audience. Egads.

I'll even admit that my dress was a bit shorter than what I would normally wear. It was NOTHING compared to the other outfits. It was half hard core Poison fans (wearing silly cowboy hats) and have, well, people who think "reality show" means "real fame." Lots of women dressed in every fashion trend reported in the last three months of People magazine. And tight. Skin tight.

My favorite outfit of the night was a black sequin tube dress, not necessarily for the ridiculousness of the outfit but because of the person wearing it. She first tried to straddle the Harrah's globe (while her friends took pictures), then spent most of the evening dancing in the Pool. She was only up to her ankles, and given the rowdiness of the crowd, I'm surprised someone didn't 'nudge' her in.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures to share -- I dropped my camera a few weeks ago and am waiting for a pro to figure out if he can fix it or not. But it was probably as ridiculous as you could imagine. But, hey, it was a lot of fun.

To read more about my thoughts on Harrah's (and casinos in general), click over to my other online gig at

Oh, and I had to add this: before the concert, Steve Chernoski (of the North/South Jersey movie and the videographer behind my Down the Shore with Jen vlog series) and I filmed a segment for NBC40 that's set to air sometime this week. When I said where I was headed that evening, his jaw dropped -- literally. He apparently is a huge Poison fan. Who'd have thought?

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Enjoy the Show

Tonight I'm going to that whole Brett Michaels thing at Harrah's. I'll be 'reporting' the whole thing live over on my Twitter page -- click here to follow along!

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Your Shore Weekend

Morning everyone! I'm typing at you -- still -- from my hotel room at the new Waterfront Tower at Harrah's. Sweet stay. I must remember, though, that if I hear tapping outside my window it's not necessarily someone getting read to take a jump -- the building's still under construction!

I'm watching Regis & Kelly (I submitted my dog's picture for their take your dog to work day thing -- if I can't get on the show, well, at least my dog has a shot) and tying up some odds and ends before I head off to get my hair cut at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door salon. So here's what's going on this weekend at the South Jersey Shore:

On Saturday, I'll be signing copies of my book at Collingswood's Second Saturday at Robert Jay's Unforgettables. I know, I know, this isn't exactly at the shore, but, hey, it's about a shore book!

Tonight, Brett Michaels will be making an appearance at the Pool at Harrah's. I'll be there, not for Brett Michaels, but to see who is going to PAY to see Brett Michaels.

Also tonight is the True Colors concert at the Borgata.

Bill Ray Cyrus plays the Atlantic City Hilton on Saturday.

The Great American Volleyball - Atlantic City Open is on Saturday and Sunday, near the Trump Plaza Beach Bar.

Super bummed I can't make this: Jackie Collins is making an appearance at Caesars on Saturday.

James Taylor is at the Borgata on Saturday.

Ocean City's hosting the Miss New Jersey preliminary competition on Friday and Saturday.

There's also a 5K in Ocean City on Saturday.

There's a Skimmer Weekend Festival in Sea Isle City.

The Mummers will be strutting in Wildwood on Saturday.

If you've ever wanted a guide tour to all those gingerbread houses in Cape May, check this out -- you'll get a great tour.

And most important of all: the 85th annual National Marbles Tournament starts in Wildwood on Sunday. Yes, marbles. Yes, 85th anniversary. Read more hereA.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

From Harrah's

I'm writing at you from my room at the new Waterfront tower at Harrah's in Atlantic City. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to track down one of the models giving away free keys to the hotel (or lucky enough to be on the same radio show is more like it). But it just so happened that eWomenNetwork was having an event at Harrah's on the same night I won the key, so here I am.

I toured the Waterfront tower before it was completed for an article in New Jersey Monthly. I scoped out the scene, kicked the tires, etc., and like what I saw. But now that I get to stay here? It's awesome. I have a great view of Brigantine, a TV that I'd never have in my house, and more room than I know what to do with. Heck, even the gym is good -- and that's saying a lot for a health nut like me.

I'll be here until I have to head back home on Saturday morning to help with a family yard sale (it's a big family, lots of stuff, so they need lots of hands). What I'm most excited about is that I'm getting my hair cut at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa tomorrow. Not a chop, but a trim, just in time to film a segment for NBC40.

Now that my networking event is done and I've had some time to put my feet up, I'll go play my ritual $5 at the slots. I'm not a big slots fan, but I've won $200 twice when I played just five, so luck be my lady tonight.

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News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Slight jump in taxes in Wildwood?

Here's a nice article about the 60th anniversary of the Wildwood tram car -- with a picture of the voice behind "Watch the Tram Car"!

The Atlantic City International Airport is opening a new parking garage tomorrow. I flew out of AC quite a bit when I was in college (Spirit had a direct flight to Tampa), and parking was always an adventure. Free back then, too.

Hey, how come I wasn't invited to the Hard Hat preview of the Chelsea?

This might work for that patch of open land in Stone Harbor.

Speaking of Stone Harbor, here's pictures from one family's Stone Harbor vacation.

Here's a neat video about Cape May County wines.

Another video, this time of the new Waterfront Tower at Harrah's (where I'll be staying for the next two days).

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Toast to the Tram Car

Because you didn't get enough tram car yesterday (and since today's is the tram cra's actual birthday):

For more great videos like this, check out CraicHead TV.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watch the Tram Car, please

Tomorrow, Wildwood's Tram Car -- that big blue and yellow thing that screams "Watch the Tram Car, Please" turns 60.

I snapped this picture on Sunday. The whole thing made me giggle -- not sure if it was heat stroke or the idea of a tram car without a tram that had me laughing.

Want another funny picture? OK.

This is my first headshot -- EVER. Based on the hair and based on who posted the picture to his facebook account, I'm guessing it was taken in the spring of 1999 when I was a wisened 18-year old freshman in college. I was a columnist at the student newspaper, soon to become the commentary editor. Surprised that I went to school at the University of Tampa? That's quite a tan...

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Network, network, network

On Wednesday, I'm moderating a great event for eWomenNetwork, a fab networking group (that includes guys, too). It's at 8:30am at the Mansion in Voorhes (which was the site of my senior prom -- always weird).

Anyway, we've got quite a who's who of media coming to talk about press, marketing and PR, including Lynn Berry, NBC 10 Weekend Co-Anchor; Karin Phillips, KYW NewsRadio 1060; Lisa Simon, President, Simon Public Relations Group; Cynthia Henry, editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer; Terri Petry, Publisher of Burlington County and Mercer County Woman Newspapers; Erica Rubach, Founder, and, well me! Check out more information here.

If you're closer to the shore (or need and excuse to take Friday off), the same group is organizing a meet and greet at the Pool at Harrah's from 6-8 pm on Thursday night. More information here. No moderating for me this time -- just shaking hands and swapping business cards! And maybe I'll meet someone who can help me get on Live with Regis & Kelly...

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Down the Shore with Jen: Atlantic City to Ventnor

Welcome to the first part of the "Down the Shore with Jen" vlog series. They were filmed over the course of one day, starting at the Atlantic City Boardwalk at sunrise and Sunset Beach in Cape May at, well, Sunset. I hope you enjoy.

Special thanks to Steve Chernoski for taking the day to film and many hours to edit these shorts.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend Wash Up: Hold me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Always something intersting to see on the AC Boardwalk (Sorry about the shakey camera... I couldn't pass up this guy, though).

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Coming on Monday...

...the first part of the "Down the Shore with Jen" vlog series. Stay tuned :-)

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Your Shore Weekend

Buckle up, kids. It's going to be a steamy one. Even though temps will probably be cooler by the water, is the difference between 90 and 95 degrees really going to matter? I'll be all over the South Jersey Shore on Sunday and am already plotting what I'll wear to stay cool. Probably something white and loose fitting.

The main event (if you're into that sort of thing) is the Pavlik-Lockett fight at Boardwalk Hall on Saturday night. For those who like bodies flying only within the first five minutes at the top of the hour, there's a mini Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA Saturday night (hey, even Jersey Shore Jen needs a night off).

Engelbert Humperdinck is at Trump Plaza on Friday and Saturday. And, yes, that's a real name, just like Kalamazoo is a real place.

Clint Black plays the Tropicana on Saturday.

Jeffrey Ross is at the Borgata on Saturday.

Also at the Borgata, but on Sunday, is Robert Plant & Alison Krauss.

Historic Cold Springs Village is hosting a Celtic Festival on Saturday and Sunday.

Ocean City's Miss Artisan Pageant is on Saturday at Moorlyn Terrace and boardwalk. For Night in Venice fans -- these are the ladies tied to the week leading up to that event. But not literally. That would on the aforementioned mini Law & Order: SVU marathon.

Ocean City's also having a street fair on Saturday on Asbury Avenue.

Avalon is site of a big band dance on Saturday night -- 8pm at Community Hall. Yes, it's BYOB.

Big home tour in Stone Harbor on Saturday.

The New Jersey State Elks Convention is in Wildwood this weekend.

And, finally, if you like strawberries, check out the West Cape May strawberry festival on Saturday.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Get Me on Live with Regis and Kelly

One of the questions people ask me about book promotion is "When are you going to be on Oprah?" I don't want to be on Oprah (though if they called, I might reconsider). Oprah is not my holy grail.

My Holy Grail is Live with Regis and Kelly.

Why? Why not?! Kelly Ripa is a South Jersey girl through and through and has said that she vacations in Ocean City. Her father is a freeholder in Camden County -- MY county -- and her uncle was the janitor at my grade school (St. Francis de Sales, baby!)

It's a fun show. I like the energy and zip. When it's on while I'm at the gym, I run faster, bike quicker and elliptical...well, my legs move more than they usually do.

I've got a lot I could talk about -- classic Jersey Shore foods (or classic and soon-to-be-classics), fun facts about that spot by the shore, or why South Jersey girls are the best. I'll make salt water taffy, work a day at the alpaca farm, or even sit on the Wildwood boardwalk holding a slice of pizza, a hot dog and curlie fries to see which one the seagulls take first. Come down during Weird Week to tape the spectacle. Hey, I'm judging the Miss Crustacean pageant, so I'll already be there.

I've even got TV experience -- taped and live -- to prove I won't freak out on camera. I'm perky. I'm peppy. I can improvise. And I'm blond. What more could they ask for?

So, dear readers, I know that you are far flung with wide connections. Can you get me on Live with Regis and Kelly?

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News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Are Cape May's B&Bs in danger? From the FIRE INSPECTOR?!

Madonna's coming to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City in November.

This is an interesting article about who owns boats down the shore. Hint: it ain't fishermen.

The New York Daily News published a neat article about Cape May.

Winner of best Jeresy Shore blog name ever.

Hey hey! It's Atlantic City Pet Hotel and Grooming!

Philadelphia Weekly reviews Gertrude's in Ventnor.

That's one lucky school.

The Sea Isle City Museum celebrates the big 2-5.

Quick reminder: I'll be chatting about the book and travel writing tonight at the Barnes & Noble in Marlton, NJ, starting at 7:30pm!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Strawberries

Rick Nichols of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a great piece about Jersey strawberries, specifically Jersey strawberries from Bertuzzi's Farm. Click here to read it.

Bertuzzi's is the place we would always stop whenever we took the backroads down the shore. My mom stocked up on whatever was fresh at the time. I still remember getting a basket full of peaches -- each peach was bigger than my fist. They made anything you buy at the supermarket look lame.

Funny note about the backroads: last summer, I had no choice but to head down the shore on a Saturday in season, which usually means high traffic. So I called both my parents to ask for the backroads directions. Both said "I don't know." What did they mean they didn't know? "I just drive them." I've found that to be the case for a lot of people who have been driving those backroads forever. They don't exactly know what they are, but that they get them there -- and include a stop at Bertuzzi's, of course.

So do you have a favorite backroads route that you CAN describe? Or a favorite shore farmer's stand (the strawberries picture above are from Clinton Conover on Route 9 in Clermont)? Hit up the comments!

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On the West Wide

I got to talk about one of the quirkier places of the Jersey Shore during my interview at BEN FM 95.7 this morning: The Westside Saloon in West Wildwood.

West Wildwood is tiny -- .3 square miles to be exact. The town only has one bar, being the Westside Saloon. It has three walls (yes, it's a triangle), one bar, video games and a one page menu. It's been there forever (though hasn't always been open forever). When I stopped in on Memorial Day, every single person at the bar turned around to see who came in the door. It was almost comical -- almost except that I had a lot of people staring at me.

To hear the entire interview on BEN FM 95.7 (I'm their Woman of the Week!), click here.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Programming Notes

I'll be on 95.7 BEN FM (a Philadelphia radio station) Wednesday, June 4 at 7:40am -- I'm their "Woman of the Week!" So if you're near the radio, tune in, or click here to listen live.

I'm also speaking on Thursday, June 5 at 7:30pm at the Barnes and Noble in Marlton, NJ. The event is part of Rutgers-Camden's "Cappuccino Academy," and I'll be talking about being a travel writer who just so happens to write about her own back yard.

In other news, SJ Magazine ran a nice feature about me and the book in their June issue. Check it out here.

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The Sorta Season

I was in Berlin, NJ for a wedding this weekend so didn't make it down the shore, but reports came back that the crowds were like.

For all the hub bub that people make about May, June is the lights of the shore's summer months. A lot of kids are still in school, and folks stay close to home for events like Father's Day and the Bike Race. Plus, the weather's still iffy. Last weekend, we went from tornado warnings on Saturday to clear skies Sunday. This weekend will feel like August.

That's why June's a bargain month, because as soon as Fourth of July hits, the price jump and stay up all the way through Labor Day.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

New Shore Site

I'm happy to announce that I've joined up with to helm their new shore-themed website: has linked to this blog quite a bit since I started up "Down the Shore with Jen" in July 2007, and I'm happy to be part of the fam now.

Of course I will be still running this blog (took a few days rest after the May book promo sprint). But make sure check me out over at every once and a while!

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