Monday, July 30, 2007

That's One Wired Beach Tag

Ocean City beach fans, you're about to go high tech. According to an Associated Press article, visitors to Ocean City beaches will be required to wear wristbands that are connected to either their credit cards or bank accounts so that the price of beach tags, food, and parking will be charged directly to them. The changes should be ready by next summer. Beach tag prices won't change -- well, at least that's what Ocean City officials are saying now.

Sounds pretty cool, but this means you're "I left my tag at my shore house," excuse won't work -- beach tag checkers will have hand held devices to check up on your story.

Here's my advice: skip the lies. If you see a beach tag checker, who is usually 17-20 years old and looks miserable that he or she has to march up and down the sand yelling at people instead of sitting on a life guard chair yelling at people, get up and go in the water. They're not going to find you there. I go to the beaches at the higher streets in Avalon where there aren't any beach tag checkers (though, yes, I did buy a badge this year), and the in the water trick worked every time in years past.

I also like the part of this story that says garbage cans will email city officials when they're full, which leads me to one important question: How did Oscar get a Blackberry before me?

What I'm listening to: Putting the Days to Bed by The Long Winters.

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