Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Post Labor Day Down the Shore

I took a quick spin through my Statcounter report to see how people are finding this blog (hello readers of Ask Allison!) and saw a lot of Google searches for what beaches are open after Labor Day.

The easy answer is: all of them. You can't really close the beach for the year, especially since some people (like me) enjoy walking along the beach in the cold weather. If you're looking as to whether or not beaches have lifeguards after Labor Day, well, the answer's a bit more complicated.

The beaches down the shore start losing lifeguards right around the time that college starts. Simple enough: the kids have to go back to school. So even on Labor Day weekend, some shore towns 'close' their beaches meaning that those areas usually guarded during the summer season no longer have lifeguards.

If you want to know what beaches are guarded in what town, call the town chamber of commerce. And since you got here by Google, I'm going to assume you know the best way to do that. I also have links on the left side of this blog that connect you to the towns' websites.

I'll have more (and longer) posts for you next week. I'm still unwinding from the stress of the last few weeks -- okay, last few months. I've been doing some work, even if I was supposed to take today off, but it's not book work. I'm transitioning back into my regular life where I didn't have to work every night after dinner or figure out what days I could zip down the shore and where I'd find a quiet spot to do a phone interview along the way. I think it's going to take a while, but I'm happy to be working back to however 'regular' the life of a freelance writer can be.

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