Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss'd America 2011

On January 16, I'll be attending the Miss'd America Pageant, which is a drag version of Miss America. It takes place in Boardwalk Hall - yes, the former home of the original pageant. My favorite contestant name so far: Gusty Winds.

I'm obnoxiously excited. I was out of town for it last time, and pounced on the chance to attend this year. Over 1,300 people attended in 2010.

My only question is: What the heck do I wear?

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Jennifer said...

This is awesome. I just got engaged and that evening we went to a drag show in Key West. (Also, I'm also Jen Miller. And we both write for Marie Claire!)

Daniel said...

Thanks For the Shout out! I hope I live up to my name

Gusty Winds

Daniel said...

Thanks for the shout out! I hope I live up to my name

Gusty Winds

Anonymous said...

good question! my daughter and i are wondering the same thing.