Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the Radio

Tonight, I'll be on Sirius/XM Radio talking about my struggles with eczema, which I wrote about for the New York Times.

I'll be on Doctor Radio, which is channel 81, at 6:30pm EST. Tune in if you can!

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Paul T. said...

Hey Jen

Have you ever had a biopsy done durng one of the outbreaks? Eczema can be a catch-all that better describes symptoms than a particular disease. I had an eczema diagnosis that turned out to be something else. Go to a derm that sends samples to U.Penn Pathology. (sorry so cryptic...doesn't sound like my deal, but I'm a zealot for proper diagnosis now)

Jen A. Miller said...

Paul - thank you for your comment. One thing we'll probably talk about on the show is that I can't get an appointment during an outbreak. I will call during one and be told 3-6 months. And that was the case even when I'd already been a patient at the derm. It's incredibly frustrating.