Monday, September 13, 2010

Naked Guy

On Friday, I took the day off with one goal in mind: to sit on the beach for the entire day while talking to as few people as possible. Hey, it happens. I needed a day post-book to recharge.

I reached both goals with the bulk of my beach time spent on Higbee Beach.

I love Higbee. Two years ago, I took Emily there every day while on vacation in Cape May. It's a tiny beach on the Delaware, so the waves are small. It's quiet. The only people you'll usually see are locals, other dog lovers and birders.

Higbee also used to be a nude beach. That ended in 1999. Someone on Friday apparently didn't get the memo because he got on the beach, dropped his stuff, dropped his pants, and ran into the water.

Shocking? Maybe. But I was so blissed out on sun and beach that I didn't really care. Plus, he was far enough away that I didn't see the details. When he came back onto the beach, he toweled off, put his pants back on, and left.

I guess he, too, knew exactly what he wanted to do that day.

(Naked dude not featured in photo)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the post SFW.

Hope your eyes are ok!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Higbee Beach really is lovely. I went there with my brother one time and we saw a wild seal! Cutest thing ever! =)