Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poor Lucy!

Poor Lucy! Due to an errant wedding tent, Lucy's tail is busted, as I reported on the blog before. Problem is, this pachyderm doesn't have a lot of money and a very high "wind deductible" (no, I am NOT making it up), she hasn't been able to have her tail repaired. I give her handlers props. That white thing on her tail? It's a bandage. Pretty funny, though still sad.

What can you do?

1 Visit. Your entrance fee will help.
2. Eat at Bella Luna, a restaurant that has been set up SOLEY TO HELP LUCY.
3. Help me plan a fundraiser. Seriously. I think I can do this. When the second edition of my book comes out in the spring, maybe I can do a fundraiser at Lucy where all proceeds from book sales will be donated to our favorite wooden elephant. Maybe then we can add something onto that - buy the book and you get 10% off in the Lucy store (those sales ALSO help Lucy). And then maybe a local business (hey casinos! I know you do this!) will match the money raised from book sales. So if I raise $50 from selling books, they'll donate another $50 on top of that.

Do you think that could work? It would sell books and maybe get some more people to Lucy. I have a very Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney "we're going to save the farm" vibe going on here. Maybe it's because I did a whirlwind shore tour this afternoon. Maybe it's because I'm tired from working a day job and writing the book at night. But maybe it could work.

But...c'mon. Doesn't it look fun?

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caite said...

poor Lucy! when the book comes out, if you hold a fund raiser for me, tied to the book, I would be there!

Kate said...

I will attend the fundraiser if you get saucy and call it Save Lucy's Ass.

Mary Lebeau said...

Couldn't you get someone to sponsor a Save Lucy 5k? Maybe the casinos? You can host, sell your book, and all proceeds go directly to Lucy?