Thursday, September 1, 2011

BYOB a no go in OCNJ - and a closing

The move to make Ocean City a BYOB town is dead. And the reason for it? The movement's own supporters have pulled the plug.

Seems a bit anticlimactic, yes?

Also sad to learn via Ocean City Patch that some Atlantic Bookstores down the shore are closing. Despite being a smallish chain, they were big supporters of my books, and an easy way to grab some summer reading on your way to the beach. Ocean City folks, you can hit up Sun Rose Words and Music on Asbury Ave for that purpose - but it's always sad when a bookstore closes.

How about some good news, then? I heard from the fine folks who make the Jersey Shore Bracelet - they're going to be donating a portion of their proceeds to the Hurricane Relief Fund in NJ. Go to their site for the details.

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caite said...

more closing sad.

Jamie said...

Oh no! The Atlantic bookstore in Stone Harbor is one of my favorite places to find the perfect vacation beach read year after year. Such a shame. I hope they'll stay open another two weeks so I can at least get in there, hit up the closing sale and say goodbye to yet another bookstore :(

Cyndy said...

I second Jamie...Atlantic Book store in SH is practically the first stop every time I'm at the shore. Won't be back down until Oct...Hope they are still around so I can go one more time. Very, Very sad. Every time one of my favorite book stores close, it's one more nail in the coffin for electronic books for me - I refuse at this point! Can't think of a world without actual books!