Friday, September 2, 2011

Start of the Beginning

A lot of people said that yesterday was the end of summer. September 1 has a way of doing that to people - especially when it falls right before Labor Day weekend.

Today is the beginning of the end of the traditional summer shore season. Already, temperatures have dipped a bit, bringing more pleasant days and cooler nights. It's getting darker later in the morning and earlier at night. And my grandmother would tell me not to wear white shoes next week.

But it's not really the end of the shore season. This is the golden time, when you can sit on the beach for hours in the warm sun and not want to dunk yourself to stay cool. The bars are open but not elbow to elbow, and you don't pay astronomical fees to stay at the hotels and motels by the water.

This summer's been a rough one, and the events of last drilled a feather into that cap. So make sure you take a fall trip to the shore. The businesses that lost a weekend will love you for it, and I guarantee that you'll love it too.

As for me, today is my last day at the full time job I took about a year ago. I'm going back to writing full time. I'm very excited, but I have a lot of work to do so I won't be headed down the shore this weekend. But I will be there on Tuesday, with my dog by my side.




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Kevin said...

Couldn't agree more. Heading down to OCNJ next weekend and am absolutely thrilled about it.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. September is my favorite time down the shore. The water is warm, the beach is open and inviting (not to mention free), and the shorter days make it easier to witness how the sun paints the sky at sunrise and sunset. Love it!

Ann Delaney said...

Well said! Enjoy you beach time next week.

Wildwood, NJ said...

September and October can be the hidden gems of the Jersey Shore. They are my favorite months of the year. Lower humidity, lower room rates, less crowds, and warm ocean water.