Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Canada, Up Ahead

I promise that there are posts about my trip to Vancouver forthcoming, but I'm still jet lagged and have a full day ahead. So I'll post this picture, which is indicative of what I spent a lot of my Canada time doing: sitting in a conference (though a really good conference).

The ring was my grandfather's high school class ring. He had it sized down to fit my grandmother's finger after her high school class ring was stolen (he had taken it with him when he served in the war). And now it's mine. Nice, right? And I couldn't figure out where else I'd use that picture, so there you go.

And there's also this:


I'm bummed I missed a beauty of a weekend down the shore. My boyfriend ran the LBI 18 and said it was brutally hot for a race of that distance. My Canadian race? Well, I'll get to that in one of those upcoming posts.

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