Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Quick note: I'm working on getting my ebook ready to publish in November, so excuse the less frequent posting. But here's the news:

The Borgata is saying it lost $10 million because of Hurricane Irene.

At the same time, this is being considered for Atlantic City. Casinos and the actual city different much? Ugh.

So now Sea Isle is using those dumb parking kiosks, too? Boo.

Almost time for Ocean City's Quiet Festival.

Just combine! Stop being four towns and be one instead! That's the best way to save money, not stop gap measures like this.

Not the first place I'd pick for a shore wedding, but, hey, looks like it worked.

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Deb Pinelands said...

Jen, we were staying in Strathmere and saw the wedding take place on the beach - how cool to see these photos. We heard the bagpiper first and wondered what it was... this explains a lot. I love your blog, and am also enjoying your tweets. Have the first book but not the update yet.