Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food Network Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

Big news! The Food Network has signed on as the sponsor for the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival, now known as - of course - the Food Network Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival.

This is HUGE. Atlantic City is stuffed with fantastic restaurants, but out of towners don't always see that, or even know where to look. It's not exactly the first place non-gamblers think of when they want gourmet food. The Food Network putting their stamp of approval on this festival? Major PR gain for the event, and for the city.

If you want to buy your tickets now, the discount code is FOOD10.

Yes, still big announcement coming. Expect that around 10am on Friday. I also have an article in the Weekend Arts section of tomorrow's New York Times - and it's NOT about the Jersey Shore. I'll post that link tomorrow as well.

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