Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Versions of the Same Old Glorious Thing

I've been writing about a lot of old Jersey Shore motels lately. The Wingate is one of them. You won't find the Wingate today - not in its old form. It's now the Starlux. Cape May's Coachman Inn is now the Beach Shack. In Atlantic City, the old Holiday Inn and Howard Johnson are the Chelsea. And the Caribbean, bless them, is still the Caribbean.

The Jersey Shore has an amazing ability to reinvent and re-imagine itself. All of those original buildings were fading coastline stars when they were bought and rehabbed into something new and wonderful. It's something I love about the area, that ability to bounce back and start over again.

That Wingate advertisement hangs in the lobby of the Starlux. If you're in the area, pop by and take a look.

Also: I dare you to click on the Caribbean link and NOT stay to listen. I turn off all my music when I'm on that site. It's so soothing.

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