Monday, December 3, 2007

I'll Make a Mock Out of You

Well, it came today: the mock up of my book. This is more than just a manuscript -- it's a replica of what the book will look like, maps and pictures included.

I almost didn't open the package. I'm leaving for a trip on Wednesday and thought that, if I opened the FedEx bag, I'd worry about the changes for my entire Arizona trip. But how could I resist? So I ripped open the package and did a little jig around my dining room table. Why? Because I'm one step closer to seeing the darn thing in book form.

What's the next step? I'll read through the book one...last...time. If there were a god of good grammar, I'd be lighting candles at her alter in hope that she would lend me guidance in making sure there are as few errors as possible in the book. Hopefully the picture of a nun on a surfboard on the facing title page will distract anyone of any little mistakes.

What I'm Listening to: In Our Bedroomm after the War by Stars.

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