Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thank You

On July 23, I created this blog as an experiment because I'd read that blogging could help sell books. I didn't have a book out yet (May 5! May 5!), but I gave it a go anyway. This blog became a place for me to write about what was going on down the shore right now (as opposed to writing in 'timeless' guide book form), and a place for me to share and maybe vent about how the book writing process.

On Thursday, 420 people visited this blog. Never did I imagine that 420 people would visit the blog in one day when the book came out let alone months in advance. Thanks again to everyone who's linked to me (Preston and Steve, Philebrity, and Allison Winn Scotch to name a few), and everyone who's told another person about this South Jersey shore book coming out. Not only has this blog helped started a buzz about me and The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May: A Complete Guide (the folks at Dixie Picnic call me "Down the Shore Jen!"), but it's also put me in a documentary, and hopefully an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about where is the middle of NJ (should be out next week).

But let's not stop here. Tell your friends, and friends of friends. And keep coming back to read more about what's going on down the shore. I'm headed to Arizona on Wednesday but will be putting together a shore gift guide early next week. The shore in the winter is beautiful. Hope you get a chance to go down the shore yourself!

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Jean M Fogle said...

Way to go Jen! That is quite an accomplishment!