Thursday, January 10, 2008

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

Ooooo! Buried treasure!

Curtis Bashaw, the guy behind Congress Hall and the under-construction Chelsea, to buy the Tropicana? More about that here.

Speaking of Congress Hall, yoga buffs might be interested in one of their specials.

It's not driving to the shore without tolls. They're about to get a lot more expensive.

Here's a round up of what's coming for Atlantic City, construction wise.

And here's a big, fat write up of what exactly will be in that new MGM complex.

Ocean City's getting a new bike trail.

If you rent out your shore house, you'll be interested in this blog post.

Want to get married in Atlantic City on Valentine's Day? They'll be doing a group ceremony.

Wildwood might not be living up to NJ's affordable housing agreement (what about the other shore towns, I ask?)

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1 comment:

ZoeyBella said...

Always great to see AC getting national press coverage. Glad to see things are finally picking up.

When I was down there last week I took a drive around and the city has changed so much over the last few years.

About time!