Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quick Hello from Ocean City!

Blogger is a beautiful thing. I can plop down wherever I can get an internet connection and type away for the world to read. In today's case, I'm at Java Jake's in Ocean City. I needed a pick me up after a few meetings I had in town, and before I head down to Cape May for my photo shoot. It just so happens that if you buy something at Java Jake's or the very funky cool Denovum next door, you can hop on the internet for free. Fun!

Asbury Avenue's not doing too bad for a weekday in January -- enough stores are open that I'm going to do a little browsing before I head down Ocean Drive. And since my earl gray tea is now done, off I go!

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1 comment:

Trish Ryan said...

Photo shoot in Cape May sounds quite glamorous! How did you do portraying springtime in January?