Monday, May 3, 2010

Half Marathon Weekend (without the half marathon)

If you're going to bail out of a half marathon because of heat and injury, there's no better place to do so than down the shore. Or up the shore. I'm not sure what I'm saying about getting to the Asbury Park/Ocean Grove area just yet. Because there was no "down" about the driving.

I stayed at my dad's place in Wayne, Pa. on Friday then drove across to the shore (maybe, though it sounds odd) and landed in Long Branch right at 8:30a.m. Place was jammed, and HOT. I'd driven to Long Branch in a sun dress and sweat shirt, but the sweat shirt came right off.

Even though I knew I wasn't going to run, I still picked up my race packet at the expo. I wanted to put my head down and cry when I picked up the actual packet and the volunteer wished me good luck. A muffin and coffee from Turning Point Cafe helped with that.

Then it was to Ocean Grove, where I stayed at the Majestic, a lovely hotel I booked through My dad and step-mom had stayed there last year. I dug it then, and I dig it now. I was allowed to book just one night through, which was key since I only wanted to stay one night. Site - and hotel - highly recommended.

I spent most of the day on the beach. I know it was hot and muggy at home, but it was a PERFECT beach day. PERFECT. Plus, since it was pre-season, there weren't many tourists, you didn't need a beach tag, and people brought their dogs. It was lovely, even if the water was frigid. Spray on sun block is a single girl's best friend - no doubt. NO BURN! I did walk down to the Asbury Beach to see how crowded it was. The answer, of course, is plenty. I stopped at the Beach Bar, which overlooks the beach and had free music, for a beer. Perfect cap to a beach day.

Then that night, I headed to a fundraiser at the Watermark in Asbury that was timed with the Kentucky Derby. Hence the hat.

I deserve some props for this - I wore that hat the entire night. Why? Well, it was sort of fun, and I had awful hat hair underneath!

Then it was off to dinner at Trinity and the Pope, a brand new cajun creole restaurant in downtown Asbury Park. SO GOOD. Crazy busy (it was, after all, opening night), but very good. I highly recommend it.

Slept in on Sunday then hit the beach in Asbury Park for the rest of the day. It was colder because of a stiffer sea breeze, but still nice. Great crowd, too.

I was sad to come home. It was such a great trip in such a different place than where I usually go. Hearing the trains while you're on the beach, is such a different experience, as is that drive home to Pa. (had to pick up the dog) instead of up the Atlantic City Expressway.

Do I wish I could have run the half marathon? Of course I do. But if I had to do something else for the weekend, this was exactly what I needed.

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Java Joggers said...

Sorry you couldn't run your 1/2, but way to make lemons out of lemonade :) Nice hat!

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for mentioning Trinity and the Pope. My husband is from New Orleans and misses the cuisine! We'll definitely be there.