Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're the Best!

Hey, congrats to the South Jersey Shore. Six of the ten best beaches in NJ were from our section of the state. WOO HOO! Also - Atlantic City Boardwalk was named a best boardwalk by Travel + Leisure magazine.

It's fitting this comes out the day this BS article's published. What they're doing isn't shore towns working together to help each other. It's two counties trying to take the Jersey Shore crown when everyone at the Jersey Shore should be working together. It also shows the massive failure of NJ Tourism not doing its job. How can they let them do that?

I love all the beaches, but I hate how those two counties are trying to push out everyone else.

Sorry guys. You are not THE Jersey Shore. We all are, and we've got the best beaches. You need us. Won't you stop pretending that we don't exist?

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