Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where to Watch the Stanley Cup

The Flyers have so nicely interrupted Memorial Day Weekend schennagins by going to the Stanley Cup. Game 1 is on Saturday, so here's my recommendations of where to go down the shore to watch the game:

Atlantic City
Game On! Most TV screens, hands down, plus usually a great and fired up bar crowd.
Firewaters. I love this place. Smaller, but they have 101 different beers, so you can sample around the world as you watch the Flyers CRUSH the Blackhawks. If it's too crowded, you can always pop over to Hooters, which is across the hallway, or up to Adam Good Sports Bar (all three are inside the Tropicana)

Maynard's. Great vibe any time, and I'm going to guess that the outside area will be open this weekend. It'll be rocking on Saturday. I've also been told that Robert's Place is a good bet, though I've never been.

Ocean City
Haha, just kidding.

Somers Point
The Anchorage. I watched some of the Olympics here. Great place to be, lots of screens.

The Deauville. If it's nice, you can sit outside and still watch the game. I've seen a few Phillies game here. If you're on Foursquare, check in here - they have specials.

Sea Isle
La Coasta. I'm not picking the OD because I think it'll get too crowded too fast with people who won't care about the game. La Costa has plenty of space and a big bar.

Avalon/Stone Harbor
The Princeton. I went back and forth on this one for the same reason I waivered about the OD. The question is: will they be charging cover at 8pm? I don't know. If they are, give the Windrift a try.

Owen's Pub. Not as insane as some of the other North Wildwood bars, and with plenty of TVs.

Cape May
Cabana's. Yes, there is a fun, down and dirty bar in Cape May. More spacious than the Ugly Mug, though that's a fine option, too.

Where will you go?

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Shann said...

I unfortunately won't be at the shore in time for the game, but if I were to go somewhere in Sea Isle to watch it would definitely be the Dead Dog. Smaller, sure, but two HUGE HD tvs (as opposed to LaCosta's 2-3 tiny ones lifted up at the corners of the bar. Get there in time for primo bar seats.

Jen A. Miller said...

Yes, agreed - IF you can get a seat (which is why I picked La Costa!)

I can't believe you won't be there!!!!

Patrick Whipeky said...

Wildwood crest: Bayview

Wildwood: Dogtooth, Goodnight Irenes

North Wildwood: Ownes is good call, Flip Flops will be crowed but have a ton of TV's

Jen A. Miller said...

Thanks Patrick. I'm still dead set on the fact that all the Wildwoods should be 1 town, so I'm clumping them together :-)

-Cat said...

I've never been to Avalon, but I'm going this weekend and wondering where will be the funnest place to watch the US's first World Cup match? Thanks!

Jen A. Miller said...

Cat - Oh I wish I knew! I haven't had time to write up a similar World Cup post. If I hear of anything, I'll post it below.