Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Retro Shore Commercial

Since the current New Jersey administration is being stupid enough to cut tourism funding this year (for some reason, the equation that $1 spent on tourism = $36 of revenue doesn't add up to them), I'm sharing an 1980s commercial with you today.

There will be no ad campaign this year, and that word of mouth idea? Well, NJ Tourism isn't even on Twitter, and the twitter feed for "The Jersey Cape" - whatever THAT is - has no followers. That's a GREAT start on a word of mouth campaign.

I guess they're going to sit back and let reality TV speak for the rest of us. Dolts.

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Bill said...

They do have you. Jersey Shore Movie Phone?!?

Jen A. Miller said...

Yeah, but it's not my job! Sure, I make $$ on my articles, but it's not my responsibility to do their jobs for them.

Leah Ingram said...

Love Tom Kean. What is that accent anyway? Sounds like old fashioned Katherine Hepburn.

Yeah, the Jersey Cape: we laugh whenever we see those commercials. Now if they'd said Jersey Cape MAY, it might make sense.

Let's see: it's the beach in New York, the Shore in New Jersey and the Cape in Massachusetts. Get your terms right, folks.


Jen A. Miller said...

Leah, the different regions of the Jersey Shore seem to fight with each other, hence Jersey Cape referring to part of the South Jersey Shore, and parts up north labeling themselves "The North Jersey Coast." Monmouth and Ocean County together have launched their own tourism campaign - even created a "Jersey Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau - that is JUST about their counties. It's ridiculous.

It would take a strong hand from NJ Tourism to clean up this mess, and we obviously don't have that. It's sad. They're all shooting themselves in the foot - or feet.

Jen A. Miller said...

Leah - P.S. Kean was born in NYC and lived in DC and Boston before he went to Princeton. He's a north east accent mash up!