Sunday, July 11, 2010


As you may or may not know, I'm a sponsor of the awesome "Jersey Doesn't Stink" campaign, which is out to set the record straight about our lovely Garden State.

As such, I'm running a Jersey Doesn't Stink contest on this blog. Wheeee!

Here's all you have to do: in the comments, post your story as to why you love New Jersey. The winner gets a free Jersey Doesn't Stink t-shirt. (I'll pick the winner through a random winner generator rather than make the decision myself - easier that way).

You have from now until 5pm EST on July 16 to enter. All you have to do is comment below. That's it. And keep it clean folks. Remember, the Marples are reading.

If you tweet your answer, make sure you include @NJdoesntstink (the campaign) and @jerseyshorejen (me) in your tweet.

So go ahead. Tell me why you love NJ.

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thom said...

There are countless reasons why I love Jersey.

I live in Somerset County so I get to truly partake in the GARDEN STATE, plus be 45 minutes from both NY and Philly.

Then there are the trees, the rolling hills, the fireflies, the shore, the food, the attitude, pumping your fist instead of your gas, etc.

I think what makes Jersey so great though, is the people. We take care of each other. Some from out of state my not understand our version of "nice", but Jersey is filled with real communities; people looking out for people, caring for one another, working together for the common good. Jersey is a way of life; a family; and because of that the people treat each other that way. When I travel and meet someone else from Jersey we are instantly connected. It is because this is a tight knit community that is in it together.

That's one of the many things that is so great about Jersey.


Maddy Pryor said...

If I had to choose one thing about why I love Jersey, it'd have to be Jersey pride. Everyone knows that we're the butt of most jokes when it comes to the east coast, but the true New Jerseyians know that it's the best place to live. There's a passion about living here that no other state can compete with. I go to Penn State, and when I end up meeting somebody else who lives in Jersey, there's nothing else to talk about but NJ, and the ways of locals vs. bennies. I can't imagine living anywhere else!

Daphne Sashin said...

I love New Jersey because that's where I got married! Cape May will always be special to my family. And now, not only does my husband's family like to meet us on the Jersey Shore, now my mom (who lives in Boston) loves Cape May too. We're all headed there on Tuesday to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday.

Jim said...

My wife was born in New Jersey. I adore my wife. 'nuff said

Jesse said...

Whenever someone knocks NJ, I tell them this...

I live 20 mins from the greatest city in the world, yet I have to deal with none of it's problems.

I live 60 mins from some of the greatest beaches in the world, with all of the accompanying shore lifestyle that goes along with them.

I live 30 minutes from farms, with great food, activities, and people.

I live 10 minutes from shopping that the rest of the world envies. Nearly every major (and minor) retail establishment is within a 20 minute drive for me.

Sure it's expensive, but we make a lot of money too.

Sure it's a stressful place, but in NJ we work hard and play hard.

Anonymous said...

Jersey is fresh frozen custard mixed with salty shore breezes.

Jersey is close to everything yet its own state with its own "no apologies" attitude.

Jersey is cool, crisp Italian water ice with a huge, soft pretzel knot balanced on top.

Jersey is spooky mid-summer campfires in the Pine Barrens.

Jersey is the tree-lined parkway that leads one on to the next adventure.

Jennifer J

GalleryBound said...

I have moved a total of 16 times in my life (so far) and all of them have been within the confines of the state of NJ! From North Arlington, where I was a child growing up and attending Sacred Heart School to Whiting, where I discovered my love for acting; from New Brunswick, where I graduated from Rutgers University, to Seaside Heights where I briefly lived in a hotel right on the boardwalk (and ate at Midway Steaks)! Nothing beats Jersey, regardless of what the rest of the nation thinks. Jersey was one of the founding colonies and remains a pioneer in all things progressive! Where else would I want to be?

Heather Tucker said...

Jersey there anything else???

mom said...

I have lived in NJ for over 6 years. I love it. You are 30 minutes away from everything.
the best place to live

Susan said...

I was born and raised in New Jersey. At the age of 18 my parents decided to move to Texas. I lived there for 9 months and that was enough for me. I was never so happy to be in a plane flying over Newark seeing all the smoke stacks in my life.There's no place like New Jersey..There's no place like New Jersy..There's no place like New Jersey!

Mark C. said...

NJ has it all...NYC in its backyard, a rich history, resturaunts, shopping. There is a reason many love it, a reason many make fun of it (jealousy is an ugly thing). Is it expensive? Yes, remember the pay for quality.

K Shak said...

Because down the shore, everything's alright

ohbeachgirl said...

I haven't lived in Jersey for more years than I want to admit, but it's still #1 in my heart! I miss the shore most of all - nothing compares to that ocean breeze... I miss being a 15 minute bus ride from Manhattan, I miss the food (best Italian food in the country!), and most of all I miss the people. Jersey is still the best!

lorraine said...

I love NJ because it is centrally located to all that is necessary to live a fruitful life. Where i live, nyc is just 10 miles away with broadway, MOMA,resturants,concerts etc. The beach is 45 mins south with boardwalks, great food and entertainment, cape may. Atlantic City. Stores are open 24hrs a day 7days a week. Backyards. Museums. Great views of the city. The meadowlands complex (in which the jets and giants play not in ny like it is often portrayed)also the future site of the 2014 superbowl. Accessible public transportation. Great people and oppotunities for all. We're not perfect by any means but were pretty freakin' close.

Janet ID said...

I live in Ohio and Ohio is fine, but I love New Jersey. I am homesick for NJ & specifically South Jersey ALL THE TIME, even though (shh, don't tell anyone...) I've never actually lived in New Jersey.

Get out! you might say. But I've just never been fortunate enough. Yet.

While I was growing up, my dad was in the service & NJ was his permanent residence; his parents retired to Ocean City the year I was born, & we were always visiting them on some family-business pretext or taxes or emissions testing or what have you.

I rode home in a car with Jersey plates from the Baltimore hospital where I was born, an exiled New Jerseyan from day one.

Someday I'll retire to within 30 miles of the Delaware Bay and then I will be home.

DENISE770 said...

We have BonJovi & The Boss. We go down the shore in the summer & to Mountain Creek to ski in the winter. We've got The Jersey Devil-nobody else has one of those. We have beautiful farms with flowers & Jersey corn & tomatoes - & Jersey cows. We have the best state fairs. George Washington Slept Here! The Malls. Thomas Edison was a Jersey boy(where would we be without him?). We have Great Adventure, The Liberty Science Center, The Camden Aquarium & the balloon festival in Readington. We have the best bars & restaurants. We have Buddy Valastro(The Cake Boss). We even have a show on Broadway. We have the best sports teams & we will be hosting the 2014 Superbowl. That's only scratching the surface of what New Jersey has to offer & this Jersey Girl loves every part of it. I'm pround to be from New Jersey & I would never want to live anywhere else.

Leslie said...

I am learning to love Jersey because my fiance is from there. I love going with him to visit his parents there and going to Avalon/the Jersey shore is amazing every summer!

I would LOVE this shirt to wear - my fiance would be so proud of me representing his home state!

And Her Little Dog Too

Navaja said...

Jersey doesn't and never will stink. It's a state where you can travel on your own and not get lost. It's not big, not small but just right. You have beaches, nightlife, nature, towns, history and a whole lot more. NJ is also close enough to get out and come back for more

jerZgirl said...

Jersey Rules!

I love that my small town knows everyone in it but I am short trip to NYC. I can walk to a concert at the IZOD center if I want to - yet be at the mountains or the shore in an hour.

I love the low gas prices, and FULL service!

I love the Blue Laws in Bergen County on Sundays!

I love eating REAL bagels and REAL Italian food!

and most of all:


Bobb said...

The pure, unadulterated hatred between North and South Jersey. As my grandfather tells anyone not from SJ, "You know we tried to secede before."

Apple cider donuts. Mmmmm... donuts.