Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today's a good day, folks, for a few reasons:

1. I appeared in a Philadelphia Daily News article about the BS show on MTV and how it's awful. It is the first interview I've given about the subject, and I said what I really wanted to say: ‎"I'm going to throw a party when they're all either bankrupt or in porn."

2. I finished my last major research trip for the book today

3. Three chapters are fact checked, with fact checked information put into the manuscript, which means...three of six chapters of the book are almost done.

PHEW! Oh, and 4. I got to spend a few hours on the beach after the last research trip was done.

Can't forget that last one. Important!

Now here's where I'm going to ask you for some help. New in this edition is a "48 hours" section at the end of every chapter. It's where I will tell you what to do if you only have 48 hours in each shore town. So what are your must dos?

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scott neumyer said...

48 hours? Hmmm how long is the section. There are SO many things you can do in 48 hours in Stone Harbor! :)

Jen A. Miller said...

Short. All the places mentioned will have already been written up in the main part of the chapter. It's more a narrative of greatest hits.

Writing the AC 48 hours was hard. Writing the Cape May 48 hours seems impossible.

RBB_Blog said...

Day 1: Breakfast at Uncle Bills, then Hoys for beach "stuff", then the beach until lunch. Lunch would be the regular Italian from Wawa. Do a little shopping down-down before desert, which is, of course, a cannoli from Mouse Trap. While at the trap, pick up some Canadian Extra sharp cheese and water crackers for later on the deck. Next is a quick stop into Fred's, also for later on the deck. With some time left before calling in the pizza order for delivery from Circle Pizza, play a round of miniature golf at Pirate Island. Call the pizza in as you head back to the rental, so it gets there shortly after you do. Pizza, snacks and drinks on the deck with friends until bedtime.

Day 2: Brian's for breakfast, then over to Nancy Lynn for some driving home candy. Next, head to the beach. Bubba Dogs for lunch, delivered to the beach. After lunch walk from your spot North to the jetty, then south past the fishing pier to the water tower and back. More beach time. Sea Grill, or maybe Ocean Side Seafood for dinner, Avalon Freeze for desert. Sit on the deck and relax for a while before heading home.

Anonymous said...

One of many must-dos for me in Wildwood would be to go to Maui Dogs. It's pricey for hot dogs, but it's a great menu. And they usually have vegetarian hot dogs too. Not sure if everyone else likes Maui Dogs as much as we do though... so just one idea.

Ann Delaney said...

The Avalon list was great- except they forgot a stop at Kohler's Bakery- that's a must!

Funny how most of us think of food when creating a "must do" list :)

RBB_Blog said...

Agreed on Kohler's. You would, of course, need to place your order and pay for it on day one so that you can pick it up without waiting on day 2. If not, you could easily burn 30 to 45 minutes in line before they open, and risk not getting something you want if you are not there early enough.

For those who do choose to get there early and wait, there is the line etiquette. If you are on the patio, your are at the front of the line. If you are first on the patio, your first in line. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Don't believe me? Ask an old timer :) (my 43 years of going down the shore does not make me an old timer, yet, so I just follow in line).

Janet ID said...

48 hours in Ocean City would take place primarily on the boardwalk, but should include a meal at Cousin's and another at 701 Mosaic. Also a stroll along Asbury Ave., with stops in (at the least) Ward's Pastry, Rauhauser's Candies, and Sun Rose Books. Mini golf on the boardwalk - probably Goofy Golf or Tee-time for old-school cred. A ride on the Wonderland giant wheel, and a ride on Wonderland's antique carousel. A morning bike ride on the north end of the boardwalk for a taste-test between Brown's and Oves' donuts. An hour on a surrey on the boards. A slice at Mack & Manco's, of course, and a cone at Kohr Bros, OJ at Litterers, fudge at Fudge Kitchen, a stop at Shrivers to watch the taffy machine in operation and pick up some salt water taffy. Also time things well (i.e. show up nearly any summer weekend) and take in one of OC's many wacky, good-natured community events. *Sigh*. Wish I were there now!

Janet ID said...

I somehow forgot Johnson's Popcorn. Impossible to be in OCNJ for 48 hours without sampling Johnson's caramel corn, lest one self-destruct. I think. I've never dared to try.

Ann Delaney said...

To RBB Blog- I'm never at Kohler's that early in the morning. I walk 2 blocks from my office mid-morning during a nice lull. Yes, I risk a possible "sold out" situation, but haven't been disappointed yet. See my blog post about their opening in May: I guess this makes me an old timer, too :)

Shore-ehz said...

Agree with the article quote concerning the name of the show "Jersey Shore" and how it really should be named "Seaside Heights". These types of brain dead, vapid goofballs have had their roaming existence through the years in South jersey as well. Mid to late 80's Wildwood, early 90's Margate and the last 10 years of Atlantic City all have their Snookie/Situation look-alikes.....

Mark said...

48 Hours in Cape May...hmmmm.. what time do we start? Ok, let's start at dawn. Sunrise, say, is 5:30. We begin at Poverty Beach for the sunrise.

Then bike ride up Beach Drive, on the boardwalk~pavement until it ends. We have the gorgeous strip in the morning's earliest light all to ourselves.

As boardwalk ends, head down Broadway, and then hang a left on Sunset Blvd. A left on Cape Avenue, then a right on Alexander Avenue to the beach. We fish the bay off the Alexander Avenue Jetty, avoiding catfish and skates as best we can.

A quick stop wherever we're staying for a shower... and we head to McGlade's on the boardwalk for breakfast. Fruit, omelets, great coffee.

We visit Morrow's Nut House after McGlade's, just walking through and drinking in the wafting scrumptious smells of fudge, peppermint sticks, gummy colas, cocunut haystacks, licorice, and taffy.

Time to hit the beach. I'm thinking we're staying at the Colonial... I mean the Inn of Cape May. So we stay at Ocean St. Beach, or whatever that beach is called in front of the Inn. Fall asleep with the ocean, seagulls, and lifeguard whistles taking us away.

We wake up mid-afternoon. Grab a free piece of fudge outside the Bogle Brothers' Original Fudge Kitchen, and then rinse off and hit the pool at the Inn. Order some drinks at the Inn's bar, and sit on the porch, drinks in hand, and watch the people go by.

Is it dinnertime yet? Let's go to Lucky Bones. After dinner, we drive out to Sunset Beach for the Sunset ceremony. Kate Smith. God Bless America. Sunset. Peace.

A lazy stroll through the Washington Street Mall that evening, and a final pit stop at Kohr Brother's for custard ends our first day perfectly.

Second day... we sleep in since we were up so early yesterday. But not too long, just til say 7am. Take the bikes out, and again to the boardwalk, then over to Uncle Bill's or George's Place, if Bill's is already too crowded. A game of miniature golf at Ocean Putt, and then it's back to the beach, this time at the Cove to watch the surfers and dolphins. Lunch at Ocean View Diner (a secret place, please don't tell anyone how good this is, it's been owned by the same family FOR DECADES).

Instead of the typical restaurant choices, I say we go to the Chalfonte for fried chicken night, the best fried chicken anywhere. It's evening now so we decide to take a romantic horse and carriage ride up and down the Victorian streets. And finally, indulge an adult beverage or two on the porch of the Virginian.

That's a pretty good 48 hours. The only thing I forgot to work in was a stop at Wawa's for a hoagie.

John said...

Good topic! 48 hours in Ocean City! These can be in any order, but this would be my list:

1. Mallon's for sticky buns
2. Morning bike ride on Boardwalk to work off said stick buns. (be off the boards by noon!)
3. During your bike ride, stop at Atlantic Book Shops and pick up a nice beach read.
4. Before your trip to the beach, stop by Surfers Supplies for a boogie board and cool board shorts.
5. Head to the beach! (Any beach south of 28th street is preferred)
6. Either bodysurf or boogieboard the waves for an hour or so. Stay between the green flags!)
7. Lay out on beach chair and read a book.
8. Take a barefoot stroll down the beach to the remants of 59th street fishing pier and look through the pilings at the horizon.
9. Time for lunch- Chatterbox!
10. Take a trip to the Ocean City Historical Museum (inside library) to find out about the history of the City, Kelly family and Sindia.
11. Old School Minature Golf- Tee Time or Goofy Golf. Nothing fancy.
12. Since you cant do a pub crawl in Ocean City, how about a junk food crawl down the boardwalk:
13. Kohr Brothers
14. Philly Twist (actually has decent soft pretzels)
15. Johnsons Popcorn (dont let them put the lid on!) That way you get more
16. Bob's Lemonade
17. Shriver's for Salt Water Taffy
18. Fudge Kitchen for fudge
19. Jillys for french fries (damn seagulls!)
20. Mack and Mancos
21. Rita's for water ice. Lemon or cherry old school
22. Fralingers for more salt water taffy (what the heck)
23. Stop by Breezin' Up for a nice Ocean City tshirt (probably should be an extra large after all that eating!)
24. Back to the beach for some more bodysurfing and relaxing
25. Dinnertime- lets face it, all OC restaurants stink. Stop by Voltaco's instead and order a cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak or an Italian Hoagie
26. Stop by the Liquor store to get some drinks for the night- whoops.
27. Drive off the island quickly to either Circle Liquors in Somers Point or Boulevard Liquors in Marmora for beer and or wine.
28. Back to the boardwalk for a nice evening stroll.
29. Stop by Wonderland (if you have kids) for some great rides. They still have the same annoying car buzzers on the little kid rides from the 70s)
30. What- you havent gone to the bathroom yet? Better stop at the music pier and check out whatever activities are going on there at the same time.
31. Stop by All Campus for a cool Phillies hat.
32. Into the Surf Mall on the Boardwalk for a good laugh. Air brush tshirt anyone?
33. Back to your house/motel room. Time for a cold one.
34. Get a good nights sleep.
35. Go for an early morning jog on the boardwalk, watching the beautiful sunrise!
36. Breakfast at Oves
37. Now rent a surrey for a great early morning ride on the boards. Dont run into anyone!
38. A nice late morning stroll down Asbury avenue to look at all the shops.
39. IF its a wednesday in July, check out the Farmers Market on the tabernacle grounds
40. Repeat the beach visit from the day before.

Wish I was there now too!!