Friday, April 1, 2011

Atlantic City Beer Festival

This weekend is the Atlantic City Beer Festival. Big event. I'd be there if I wasn't running the Cherry Blossom Run in Washington DC. My advice if you go:

Don't be an ass.

I was in Atlantic City for this weekend last year, but not at the festival. I tried to leave town just as one of the sessions let out. Someone decided the best way to cross the street was to walk on the Atlantic City Expressway.

Don't be that guy. Please. And don't be that person running through red lights to cross from the Convention Center to the outlets. Or the person who decided they need to shop drunk.

So be smart. Don't get bombed. And for God's sake don't drive home if you're loaded.

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John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Good advice. Too bad that a portion of the crowd won't listen. It happens at pretty much any beer festival. -John

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL! It's like living in Avalon in the summer and we're several blocks from the Princeton, but when it lets out at 2am, there are always those who feel the need to be less than civilized. Although I must admit it's not as bad since they made a more trendy place.