Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jersey Shore Fact of the Day 9: Ocean City has a Doo Dah Parade

This Saturday, Ocean City celebrates the end of tax season with the Doo Dah parade, a ridiculous romp that involves comedians, impersonators, and about 300 basset hounds parading down Asbury Ave. and up the boardwalk.

Yes, the parade is taking place before tax day this year, but it's not really their fault that the day was pushed back to April 18.

I went in 2008 and took a lot of pictures, which you can see here. I've tried to go since, but scheduling always got in the way. Last year, I was in Chicago. This year, I'll be at the Asbury Park Half Marathon.

Speaking of, check back on the blog later today for my guide on where to eat while in Asbury, fine tuned for runners. There's also a semi-serious commentary about runners and the sport known as "day drinking."

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