Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Real Jersey Shore

Speaking of the real Jersey Shore, I just got an assignment to write about just that.

The editor's given me a lot of leeway in where I can go with the piece. I'll be talking to Justin Gaynor for sure, and including my own thoughts. But where to go from there?

So what do YOU consider the real Jersey Shore?

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caite said...

for me, as 'real' as it gets is Ocean City. A great boardwalk, a great family town...

Ann Delaney said...

I still find it fascinating that each shore town has its own distinct character. If you regularly vacationed in a specific town as a child, you are likely to remain loyal for life. And, the favorite becomes a standard to judge all other beach destinations. I remember walking on a west coast beach in Florida noting the lack of a salt air smell...therefore it was not an ideal beach!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the real Jersey shore is long gone. Legalizing gambling started the decline.

The moneyed towns like Stone Harbor and Cape May have retained their character, but Wildwood and AC will never ever be the same.

It's not about nostalgia, it's about character: maintaining landmarks and keeping properties up, including landscaping.

Older was better. The new stuff is just junk and represents the wrong values, particularly greed.

Jonathan Baran said...

I have spent most of my life in Monmouth County. To me, the real Jersey Shore means Asbury Park.

Asbury has the history and beauty of a Shore town worth a look. Here is a link to a postcard I created featuring the Asbury Casino!
Asbury Park Postcard!