Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Thumbs Up for the Book!

"One thing I love about my job is that I get to learn so much about so many different things--especially from fine writers like you! You write so well and with such enthusiasm about the place that it makes me want to go there--which of course is the whole idea. Bravo."


Granted, this is from someone who works for my publisher. BUT -- he's edited about 40 projects for them, so his comments mean a lot to me, and went a long way in calming my nerves about getting back edits from the publisher.

Still, I'm far from perfect, as I learned by going through the proposed changes to the Atlantic City chapter this evening. How did I not get that misspelling? Or how could I have possibly thought anyone else would get that reference? I know that the book will never been 100% perfect, and I'll open it in final form and go "how could I ever write THAT?!?!" at least once -- or 10 times. I've been warned about this by other authors, so at least I'm normal.

Funny -- I haven't worked this late at night since I wrote book (and, no, reading books for book reviews does NOT count). But I surrounded myself with the same physical accouterments (which I spelled wrong in my manuscript, by the by): I'm wearing my camouflage baseball cap, my father's old blue zip up sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a ratty t-shirt. I started the editing job with a cup of tea by my left hand. Music's the same (see below). My dog has tried to distract me the entire time I've been working. My shoulders and back are stiff, but now that I'm done with this chapter, I'll head downstairs to grab a beer and watch some TV or flip through a magazine while drinking it. The only difference is that I'm not cranking the AC, I'm swearing sweats instead of shorts, and I'm wearing Uggs instead of sneakers. Us writers really are creatures of habit.

What I'm Listening to: The Break-In by Ari Hest

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wheatgrind said...

Good for you Jen Down the Shore.

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting. :) I'm an LBI girl myself, but still enjoy visiting places like wildwood crest and cape may. AC, well, I'm a slots girl, so there isn't time to do anything else when I'm there ;) about 2-3 times a year.