Monday, October 22, 2007

South Jersey Girl on Film

This weekend, Steve Chernoski took a trip down the New Jersey Turnpike with camera and questions in tow. His goal? To ask me what exactly makes up the South Jersey Shore.

Steve is the man behind a documentary tentatively called Where is the Line Between North & South Jersey? Or, at least that's what the blog about the project is called -- you can read that blog here.

It's an interesting question, and, I think, a great topic for a documentary. I'm not usually stumped, but Steve managed to get me when he asked me to draw a divinding line between North and South Jersey. It wasn't exactly horizontal. He also asked me about why I cut LBI from the book, and why I think the Atlantic City Expressway forms a dividing line between the North and South Jersey shores, as well as such crucial questions as "hoagie or sub" and "jimmies or sprinkles." I won't give the answers here, but when Steve posts clips of the interview on his website (something I am dreading -- he already told me I do have a slight South Jersey accent, which I HATE hearing), I'll link to them here.

Pretty day, wasn't it? Steve filmed me in Collingswood's Knight Park.

This also marks the first interview I've done about the book, and my first time on film since I was part of that pre-ABC Action News clips montage when I was about ten years old. I hope I did well and that I didn't talk too fast. My mom, who took this picture, said I did fine. But she's a mom, and it's her job to say that. I'll let you guys judge when the clips go online.

So what do you think makes up the South Jersey Shore? Hit up the comments below.

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