Friday, October 26, 2007

Let's Take it Way Back

As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of time marketing myself, whether it be sending emails to editors to remind them that I'm alive (hi there!), or taking ideas that never quite hit the mark, revising them, and sending them to other magazines (to get the skinny on how to do this really well, check out

Part of this process involves going through my "My Documents" folder and pulling up old queries. While doing that this morning, I came across a file labeled "countrymanpres_pitch," which I created on April 14, 2006. The heart of that document is this:

"Have you considered a guide to Atlantic City? I write about Atlantic City for Philadelphia Style and Inside Magazine, and the changes in our playground down the shore have been big. Since the Borgata opened its glossy doors, Atlantic City has become a new East Coast hot spot. Jay Z located his 40/40 club there, and the House of Blues has taken up shop in the Show Boat Casino. There’s lots to see and do: gamble (every casino has done something to spiff herself up), shop (a new $175 million pier of top tier shops and restaurants is opening across from Caesars this summer), relax (spas, spas and more spas), indulge (a $1,000 brownie at Brulee) and be entertained. Plus, there’s the Steel Pier side of Atlantic City that families can enjoy."

And that, readers, was the seed that grew into the book that you will (hopefully) be reading in May. Granted, That paragraph wasn't all I needed to do to land the book contract. The idea was revised to include all of the South Jersey shore, and I wrote a 16 page proposal before getting the thumbs up in the fall of 2006.

The neat thing about reading this today is that not much has changed about my vision for the book, or at least the Atlantic City chapter, which I just re-read this week (except Brulee closed this summer). It also reminds me that, when the book's published in May, it'll be two years ago that the idea for the book started. No one said publishing was a swift industry!

Stay tuned for an excellent "Down the Shore with..." on Monday. This is the guy who, indirectly, gave me the idea for the series (and it's Halloweened themed!)

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Lori said...

After spending a stressful day driving the Outer Banks, I've come to love the Jersey shore more than ever. With the possible exception of Atlantic City shopping (and it's fabulous -- not at all overdone), the Jersey shore has a more relaxed and less "Let's grab ALL your tourist money fast!" attitude. I love what's happening in AC - I've always loved the beaches there, and now the shopping areas, which are NICE, make it even more appealing.

Colleen Thompson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Boxing the Octopus. I stopped by your sight to say hello -- and that although I've been in Texas for quite a while, I grew up around the Jersey Shore and still have family there. I'll look for your book!