Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Miller Clan

This post is shore-related, trust me...

I am blessed to have an incredibly supportive family, even if sometimes I want to poke them in the eye (isn't that the case with all families?). So I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the work of my siblings.

Mike rants...I mean Pity the boy. He's a Phillies fan in Mets country.

Jim has just started blogging at And here's why this post is book related -- Jim is making the maps for my book (and hopefully other Countryman Press books down the line). He also designed my website, which I love, and is going to create a book-focused website for me as well. Plus, he's had his maps, and picture, in Sports Illustrated. Don't let him know this, but I think that's pretty damn cool.

My sister, Tracy was a major help this summer in both watching my dog while I was away, and fact checking part of my book. She is not an active blogger, but she is going to culinary school to become a pastry chef. And who doesn't need one of those in the family? You can see samples of her cakes on her myspace page.

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