Thursday, October 11, 2007

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

We've got two big news items coming out of Atlantic City for your weekly update.

The first is that the previously missing Atlantic City mayor is now the former Atlantic City Mayor. Bob Levy turned up and resigned.

The second is that MGM plans to build a mega casino in Atlantic City. How mega? Try 3,000 rooms at a cost of $5 billion. That's right -- billion. In comparison, the Borgata cost $1.1 billion. According to this Philadelphia Inquirer article, "MGM's announcement of the MGM Grand Atlantic City raises the bar considerably, and rivals or surpasses in coast the world's most expensive casino projects under construction in Las Vegas or Singapore." Even I'm shocked at this announcement -- I never expected anyone to take this kind of plunge in Atlantic City, but I'm not going to complain. The more interest in AC, the better shot I have at doing a second, third and edition of my shore book.

Speaking of the Borgata, remember that fire? It's pushing back the opening of the Water Tower by a few months. Read more here.

Not to be all Atlantic City all the time, but casino revenues are down again. Here's my question: Yes, money from gamblers is down. But how much money are they making from new shopping and restaurant patrons? And the people who book hotel rooms so they can shop, eat and drink without worrying about driving home? I'm going to guess that it evens out. I know I wouldn't spend as much time in the Atlantic City casinos if they still let smoking on all the gambling floors. And I don't even gamble.

Could we be seeing power generating windmills off the shores of Stone Harbor? Maybe.

Your latest update on the Strathmere wanting to separate from Sea Isle City movement.

Who says birding is easy? Not this guy, who almost died while birding in Cape May.

The efforts to save the Beach Theatre are still alive and kicking -- check out this Saturday's auction if you're interested, too.

Have any memories to share of The Sands, which will be imploded soon? Check this out.

Who knew? Kurt Loder grew up in Ocean City.

Even though this isn't about the South Jersey shore, it's still interesting: outdoor beer pong is now illegal in Sea Grit, NJ.

What I'm Listening to: Beatles 1 by the Beatles.

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