Friday, July 24, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

I know, I know. Today is usually "your shore weekend" day, but I'm still struggling to get back to regular form after surgery -- an experience that which has taught me there is no such thing as minor surgery. The biggie this weekend: Night in Venice in Ocean City. Expect crowds and parking hassles -- yes, even more so than usual. But it's fun. I wish I could go, but I have to work in Philly on Saturday.

I get the stitches taken out on Wednesday, so here's hoping I can get back into fighting form soon. And now, the news:

Beach replenishment is buzzing along in Strathmere.

Woman with Alzheimer's disappears after trip to Atlantic City.

Again with the dog hating in Cape May...don't have your dog on a leash? Get ticketed. While I agree with the need to keep dogs on leashes, ticketing visitors (who appear to be most victimized) is no way to make Cape May more tourist friendly. Come on, guys -- don't you want to keep people in town and filling town coffers with tourism dollars?

Farmer's market in Stone Harbor -- it's back!

Casino execs are getting pay cuts.

Some fun Sea Isle pics!

This is a nice story. My dad coached Greg Burke when he was in Little League.

It's Tropicana vs. Tropicana.

Do we need another reason? Fine. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Great piece by Dianna Marder about how St. Mary-by-the-Sea is loosening up its restrictions on who can visit.

And here's a great article related to marketing and the West Side Deli in Cape May.

I'm in LBI today working on a story and back home right after. If I didn't still have stitches in my shoulder, I probably would have made a beach trip, but I'm not allowed. Big bummer.

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Shann said...

Another shore event this weekend -- the Wildwood Beach Ultimate tournament! It's the largest beach ultimate frisbee tournament in the world (4-on-4 ultimate frisbee).

It's happening on a stretch of Wildwood beach (around Ocean Ave) Saturday and Sunday. Games on Saturday are from 9:30am-5:30pm, and Sunday from 9:30am-1:00pm(ish). Stop by at any time to see some great competitive ultimate.