Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who Kicked the Dogs Out?

Last September, I took a vacation in Cape May and brought my dog, Emily, along. We spent our days at Higbee Beach, right along the Delaware, and Emily spent her days figuring out how to swim and chasing birds. We saw a lot of dogs on the beach -- always leashed, cleaned up after.

That might no longer be the case as some residents are making a stink about the dogs and demanding they be barred from the beach. Read their complaints here.

Cape May has long been the most dog friendly South Jersey shore spot. Not only is there an inn made for you and your dog, but just about every restaurant with outdoor seating allows you to bring your dog, and there's even a dog park. The bay beaches were always known to dog lovers as the place they could play with their pets.

Kicking dogs off those beaches would change that. I don't know if I would have picked Cape May for my vacation last year if I couldn't bring my dog. That was one of the reasons I picked it -- and what would I have done with Emily if she couldn't be on the beach? Lock her up all day?

No measures have been taken so far. Hopefully those residents will get the sand out of their pants and let the issue lie.

If you do take your dog to the bay beaches, make sure that the dog is leashed and you bring plenty of poop bags (the town provides them on the beach, too). Let's make sure that our dogs have at least one spot to play on the beach.

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miss bee said...

In Annapolis, they have a dog beach! A beach specifically for dogs! With signs that say that people cannot swim, but their pooches can. Glorious.

Anonymous said...

I just got a puppy a little over a month ago and have been researching which beaches I might be able to bring her to. The only one I could really find was Higbee. I'd be totally bummed if anything comes of these grumpy dog-haters. Hopefully I can get my pup there at least once before anything happens. Thanks for the info!

Jen A. Miller said...

Anonymous: I have a 12 pound dog, so Higbee is perfect for her -- there's some waves, but they're not big.

There's a huge dog owner contingency in Cape May that will no doubt have something to say about this. I know the publisher of the town's local paper has 2 dogs and walks them on Higbee every day...I can't wait to read what he has to say about this!