Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

The Atlantic City International Airport is gunning for more customers.

Here's my question: do people really care about this stuff? And if so, were you ticked she wore what looks like a bed sheet? Jeez. I know AC isn't some "like, totally" California town, but it'd have been nice if you put some effort into it.

A bike bandit? Yes, really -- a bike bandit bank robber down the shore.

Remember when Trump Marina was going to become a Margaritaville-themed casino? Didn't happen. Now the Margaritaville people claim that the Trump people let the place fall apart (which I had heard, too), pushed patrons to other Trump casinos and want their deposit back.

Amy Rosenberg goes undercover in the 4th Street Coffee War.

Swing flu hits the Coast Guard training facility in Cape May.

Here's some nice pictures of Cape May homes.

Liquor liscenses in West Cape May?

Lock up our bikes, people.

Flyers coach John Stevens is going to run the Sea Isle 10 miler on August 8. Bill plans to run the race. I do not, for two reasons: 1. I haven't run in two weeks due to the surgery and 2. I'm supposed to be taking a pickle making class in Philly. If timing allows, I'm going to try to be at the junction where the race moves from concrete promenade to sand (to pick up Bill's shoes) and then at the finish line.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to fly out more often from AC's airport. But, everytime I travel, I check there first and either they have no flights to wear I'm going or it is cheaper to fly out of Newark.

Jen A. Miller said...

I love flying out of AC -- I started in college because of direct flights between AC and Tampa (I'm a University of Tampa grad). But I agree that flights are limiting. That's changing though -- service to Boston, Atlanta and Toronto added this summer!

Marisa said...

I just wanted to a toss a little "hurray for pickling classes" note in here!

Colleen said...

Hi Jen,

Your blog is hilarious, I'm a big fan.

I just started helping the APP launch some Jersey hyperlocal blogs, and wanted to give you a heads up about them. I'm working for Freehold.InJersey, but there are also blogs for Cherry Hill and Collingswood and Vineland.

We're all open-source, so anyone can post. Just trying to become really hubs for community events, news, info, etc. If you want to participate or have any suggestions, let me know!

Also, would it be cool to add you to our blog roll?


Jen A. Miller said...

Colleen - Sure add me to your blog roll. Thanks.