Monday, July 6, 2009

Rusty Reno

Back from the beach! Well, I've been back since Saturday morning, but what a glorious weekend it was. I finally got some serious beach time in: Thursday in North Wildwood and Thursday night in a barefoot beach run in Sea Isle (yeouch on the calves), and then Friday in Sea Isle. Each day was packed, busy and beautiful.

One highlight of the weekend was checking out the new Rusty Nail in Cape May. It's the renovation of a classic lifeguard hangout -- it's change for the old bar, but the chill and relaxed vibe is in tact. You can sit outside under the stars by a bonfire, or inside to listen to music. Best part? Beer served in frosted mugs (so says Bill and my brother since I was the designed driver). It opened on Wednesday and was busy yet not overcrowded on Friday -- much different scene from the mess that was the Whitebrier in Avalon earlier in the day. Yikes.

We had also stopped at the renovated Windrift in Avalon before heading down to Cape May. I'm not feeling the changes. It's like when you knock down a quaint shore cottage and build a bland vinyl-wrapped building in its place. It loses character, whether they're now serving sushi or not. Best bet? Head upstairs to the deck. It's still the same. Why did the Rusty Nail renovation work better? Because it didn't try to change the bar. It was an upgrade, not an attempt to make it something it's not.

On another note: I drove home very early on Saturday morning. I was the DD on Friday night because I knew I'd be leaving at about 6am Saturday. I saw not one but two arrests on the Atlantic City Expressway on the way home. Remember, kids: just because it's morning doesn't mean you're sober.

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Mark said...

The beer snob in me cringes when I hear "frosted mugs." Cold numbs the tastes buds - a good thing if you're drinking PBR or Coors Light, but a bad thing if you're having something actually worth tasting.

Jen A. Miller said...

Mark -- True. I wouldn't have a craft beer in a frosted glass. But I tend to drink light beers in the summer, which, as you point out, are paired well with the frosted mug. Much better than plastic cups elsewhere!