Thursday, September 3, 2009

End of Season

Yesterday morning, I was in Cape May to work on an article for the Philadelphia Inquirer. After, instead of going right home, I hit the beach in North Wildwood and hung out with a few friends (Bill left for Minnesota yesterday, so I figured I could take some time off).

Cape May seemed busy, but I didn't go too deep into town. But North Wildwood? DEAD. Sure, people were on the beach, but the streets were empty, I had no problem finding a parking spot, and most of the bars were closed -- not that I was looking to get bombed, but our group did want to have a post beach drink. We ended up at Keenan's, which was practically empty.

The reason? School's started in some areas, plus Labor Day is as late as it can be this year. It doesn't feel like summer anymore, either. I had a t-shirt on by the end of my beach stay, and it was downright chilly last night.

I know I herald the start of fall, but I wish I'd had more summer this year. Personally, summer went all over the place between surgery and Bill leaving. I feel like I lost a month or two. But I'm glad I got some beach time yesterday -- when the clouds passed, it was toasty warm.

It should be a beautiful weekend, and I'm guessing the beaches will be packed. Dad and I settled in Asbury Park for our bike ride (which will be more town than boardwalk). We'll get in that one last breath of summer.

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Suzy said...

Hi Jen,
I found your blog by accident, but I love it. I was raised in the Phila/Bucks Co. area, and my parents have a 2nd home in Margate City, NJ. My sister lives in Brigantine, another in Cape May - so reading your posts is like being closer to home!

I currently live in Virginia - but we go "to the shore" every summer.

Wish I was back up there! Cool weather and all...

Margaret said...

I know what you mean. Summer was just not long enough this year.