Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Romancing the Realtor

Disclaimer: I don't know this real estate agent. I've never called him, emailed with him -- I haven't even seen his signs. But an ad for his agency popped up in my gmail account, and given my interest in the subject, all I could think of is this:

Doesn't Dustin Laricks sound like the name of the hero in a romance novel?

He sorta looks like one, too. And the picture with the pup? PRICELESS!

So I turned to all-things-romance-novel expert, Sarah Wendell, to tell us what kind of romance novel hero he'd be based soley on the name.

Her analysis: "He's totally a low key guy, utterly secure and quiet, almost beta in quality, until you see him with a little kid or working with an indecisive couple or even mowing his lawn and you get a shot of bicep or a hint of his smile and PFFT. You're done. Sneak up and smack you silly with the romance, that one is."

Dustin, if you're reading, I say this all in good fun. You have a good site and a good blog, too. And, hey, the google ad worked!

**UPDATE** Dustin's wife responds! Check out the comments!

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Peyton's Promise said...

My husband, Dustin Laricks, and I got quite a laugh from your post. Your perception of him happens to be right on!
Debbie Laricks

Jen A. Miller said...

Oh, I'm so glad you guys are laughing! I meant the post in good fun.