Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News from Around the South Jersey Shore

The Atlantic City airport's doing well this year. I'm happy for it, but I just hope it doesn't lose it's small airport charm. I'm serious about that -- I love flying out of AC when I can, usually to Tampa.

Headed to Cape May? It's food & wine festival time.

Sounds like the plot of a Shakespeare comedy.

This is pretty funny. I ate at this restaurant this summer and was bummed by the blocked view. Storm took care of that.


This isn't good -- wind blew glass off the new Revel casino project in Atlantic City.

The Boston Globe goes to Cape May.

Did a Wildwood meter man take the meter money?

Wildwood's having "Rowdy House" hearings on Friday. That's their title, not mine. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...


That Cape May article irked me two paragraphs in. I hate when people right trash like this, it's sooo cliche and shows the lack of knowledge. Pretty pathetic for a journalist:

"I scanned the acres of lush grapevines and proclaimed, “You wouldn’t even know we’re in Jersey.”

The Jersey Shore isn’t all casinos, bad techno music, and Bruce Springsteen..."