Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Things that ARE My Jersey

Yesterday, I had my say about a new MTV "reality" show whose premise seems to be "make fun of New Jersey.

Does that culture exist? I've heard of it, but never seen it. It's not the Jersey Shore I know.

So here is my list of 10 things that ARE my Jersey, working north to south. I've stuck to the Jersey Shore, but feel free to add shore and non-shore items in the comments.

1. History House in Sandy Hook
2. Tater Tots at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park
3. Beach bonfires in Long Branch
4. Long Beach Blvd. in LBI (and all the names it's called on the island)
5. Atlantic City Marathon -- 51st running on Sunday. Good luck, guys!
6. Pizza with birch beer at Mack & Manco in Ocean City
7. Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor
8. International Kite Festival in Wildwood
9. Rocking chairs at Congress Hall in Cape May
10. Sunset at Sunset Beach

So what's your Jersey?

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caite said...

I am geographically limited. The first four are meaningless to me.

Of course, I could add a countless number that betray that I have lived half my life in north Jersey and half in the south. Dickie Dee Hot Dogs, High Point, Eagle Rock Reservation, East Point Lighthouse on the Delaware Bay, Cape May diamonds...

scott neumyer said...

Pat's in Stone Harbor!! :)

John T. said...

These are skewed towards the Southern Jersey Shore (esp. Ocean City) so here goes:

1. Bodysurfing at any Ocean City Beach below 28th street
2. Fred's Tavern in Stone Harbor.
3. Cape May County Zoo
4. Rita's Lemon or Cherry water ice on a hot day on the boardwalk.
5. A fun Blackjack table on a weeknight at the Borgata
6. Italian Hoagie or Cheesesteak from Voltaco's in Ocean City
7. Avalon and Store Harbor beaches after dark.
8. Driving the Ocean Drive through OC, Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor.
9. Two words: Goofy Golf
10. Surfers Supplies in Ocean City

Shann said...

1. Walking up to Browns in Ocean City on a Saturday morning to stand in line for donuts - and say hi to my brother, the donut guy :)
2. Getting Blitz's pizza delivered to the beach in Sea Isle City on a Monday at dusk.
3. Wildwood Beach Ultimate Frisbee tournament!
4. The first summer we could walk to the OCNJ boardwalk by ourselves.
5. Mack & Mancos, obviously.
6. Getting buoy rides from the Strathmere lifeguards when you're the only kids on the whole beach.
7. Long Sunday morning runs along Landis through Whale Beach.
8. Bumping into Trent Cole at $9 beer night at the Princeton :)
9. Wing Night at the Windrift
10. The Gardens of OCNJ -- the home of some of the best parts of my childhood.

Kayla said...

1. Surf City Beaches at LBI
2. Watching non-Jerseyites scream in terror on the turnpike
3. understanding the massive spaghetti pattern of roads around newark intn. airport
4. matthews diner in oakland
5. giants stadium
6. barn burger at the barn in wyckoff
7. bump it sightings
8. NJtransit trips into the city
9. ron jon's
10. ridgewood's main st

Cyndy said...

Kohler's in Avalon on a Sunday morning.

Margaret said...

Some inland and shore things that form my New Jersey:

Shopping and working at the Englishtown Auction and Raceway Park

Friday nights on the Boardwalk

Lawn seats at the garden State Arts Center (Now PNC Bank Arts Center)

The nature trails at Turkey Swamp Park

Fireworks on the beach

Roadside vegetable stands

The Stone Pony


For me, sometimes the biggest part about telling people I'm from NJ is convincing them its true because I act and sound like no NJ person they've seen on TV or movies!