Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boardwalk Empire

Pretty, isn't it?

The producers of HBO's upcoming series, Boardwalk Empire, allowed press to visit the set this week (WHERE'S MY INVITE, HBO?)


It's a series about Atlantic City in the 1920s, and based loosely on a true story of mobsters and booze, all set inside the height of the debaucherous Jazz Era. So of course it's going to look beautiful, even if it's being filmed in New York.

To have seen Atlantic City back then. I'm not advocating the gangsters and booze rings, but before glitz meant chandeliers at Trump Taj Mahal. I'm looking forward to this one, even if my press invite got lost in the mail.

**UPDATE** I spoke with the HBO publicist for the show today. Stay tuned!

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John said...

Ugh- every time I want to cancel HBO- they come up with something that keeps me! This sounds really interesting. A good book about the Skinny D'Amato era in AC is called "The Last Good Time". It touches on early history of Atlantic City in the '20s and '30s a bit but mostly focuses on the '50s "Rat Pack" era. A highly entertaining story!