Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily

Today we're celebrating two momentous occasions in the Down the Shore with Jen household:

1. It's Emily's birthday -- at least according to the adoption papers. She's now eight years old and officially a "senior dog," even if everyone who meets her thinks she's a puppy. I am still waiting for her AARF card to show up in the mail.

2. Four years ago this week, I adopted Emily from the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees, NJ.

I never expected this 14-pound ball of fluff to wind her way around my heart. I cannot imagine life without her. I've had her almost as long as I've been a full time freelancer, and since before I bought my house. I adopted her the day before I moved into a second story apartment in West Collingswood. When I started looking for my home, one of the requirements was that it have a fenced in back yard.

In honor of this important week, here are a few Emily pics. I do this, not only because I have an iPhone and take pictures of her all the time, but to show that a shelter dog -- an adult shelter dog -- can still be the perfect dog. No offense to puppies and breeders, but if you're looking for a new pet, please visit your local shelter and give a look.

That last picture was taken as Emily laid under a blanket with me. I've been quite sick these last few weeks, and she's stuck by my side the entire time. Good dog.

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Illuminati said...

Happy Birthday Em!

CRCHAIR said...

Emily is definitely the cutest dog I have never met.