Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not My Jersey, Part II

This ridiculous show is set to come out soon. It's another in a recent line of reality shows that takes a small part of New Jersey's worst culture and blows it up as a representative of the entire state. Not only is it inaccurate, but it's lazy. Shame on you, Bravo and MTV.

If you've read this blog since I started typing away in July 2007, you know that the show does not depict the typical Jersey Shore experience. Me saying that isn't going to change how people view the state because of the show, nor will it stop people from pointing and laughing at New Jersey because of it. But I had to say it...because I'm like that, and I stand up for my state.

I wish the people who sign up to be on this garbage would consider how much harm they cause before they act like fools in front of the nation because it hurts the rest of it. I also wish NJ Tourism would be proactive about these reality show attacks on the state, but I haven't seen anything so far to combat the trashy image we get. Another reason I keep writing.

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Jennifer A. Wickes said...

Hi, Jen! I have lived all over, but recently, NJ for 8+ years. When we left CA for NJ, everyone thought we were crazy. I mean, we were living in CA! But, we were so surprised with NJ. In fact, we have shown our family how great NJ is. And they were all shocked. These TV shows unfortunately will only add to this stigma. Thanks for sharing your outrage.

Laurie Flockenzier said...

I live in Ohio and have traveled a lot. I've visited much of the United States, Canada and Mexico. I still always say my "happy place" is the Jersey Shore. We are partial to Stone Harbor and Cape May, but enjoy visiting Atlantic City also. These shows do not depict the Jersey Shore I know and love.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

WTF!!??!! Look, I've lived at the Jersey Shore almost all my life, and guess what? These people are more representative of the annoying Bennies (re: tourists, guidos)who came down to trash our beaches every summer and annoy the hell out of us- NOT the people who live here year round. Hello???? Do your research much? ARRGGGHHH!