Monday, January 4, 2010


If you can't tell by the hearts dripping from every counter of every store (Really?! didn't we JUST do Christmas?), it's never too early to think about Valentine's Day.


Harrah's at least is trying to do SOMETHING for all of us, and have planned what looks to be a knock out event with HeartAC on February 12-14. Events include a burlesque show, Jacques Torres champagne, spirits and chocolate tasting, Air Supply, the Fab Faux, and a speed dating event held by Steve and Joann Ward of VH1's Tough Love.

My story about Steve Ward: Back in ye olden days of the early part of this century, I was the editor of SJ Magazine. One of my responsibilities was to book models, and the guy we picked for our fall fashion shoot was...Steve Ward. He was a male model for a Philadelphia agency, and did his best to look tall, dark and handsome in the hottest fall trends.

I scoured my office for that issue of the magazine so I could put the picture on the blog, but I can't find it. What I do remember, though, is that he was a nice guy but sort of a ham. He talked a lot about a shoot he did for some long forgotten book written by Bachelorette contestants. Even then he and his mom worked on the dating business.

I saw him around Atlantic City last summer, and he always looked at me a little longer than normal. I think he realized he knew me from somewhere, and couldn't quite place me (I don't blame him -- he met me when I was an overworked, overstressed editor trying to salvage a photo shoot that was rained out. In the times I met him last year, I was either in a bikini or a dress with a neckline that would not have been dad-approved).

I plan on going to at least one of these events. A good friend made a New Year's resolution to get out more, and this would certainly qualify. The entertainment value of speed dating would be worth the AC Expressway tolls alone.

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