Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wildwood in the New Yorker

Did anyone else notice this? Wildwood got a nice of a spotlight in the January 11, 2010 issue of the New Yorker. William Eggleston's "Untitled (Motel, Wildwood, New Jersey)" ran on page 18. You can see that picture here (I won't copy and put it on this page because that's stealing, yo).

The picture's on display at Cheim & Read in New York.

So, my Wildwood people, what motel is it? I know that the motels get a bad wrap for being old and creaky, but not all of them, and they were quite an innovation at their time. And this motel looks beautiful in the picture.

**UPDATE** Wow, that was fast. As you can see in the comments, Patrick Whipkey IDed it as the Singapore Motel in Wildwood Crest. Thanks, Patrick!

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Patrick Whipkey said...

Wildwood crest NJ

Jen A. Miller said...

You know, I figured it was Wildwood Crest, not Wildwood.