Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dress Me

I don't usually buy spring clothes as soon as they come out. But I ran around Target on Thursday morning to buy a funeral dress and came across two items so cute that I had to have them (Emotional shopping? Probably. But at least it was at Target and not Sak's, and I'm returning half the stuff anyway. I don't want my Thrive account to scream at me).

First up, this Mossimo dress. How shall I put this...hmmm. It looks more filled out when worn by a woman who does not have the proportions of a flat chested teenager. It ties in the back to. Very pretty, and very comfy. And pockets! I can see wearing that to a lot of places this summer, and it's a steal, I think, for $19.99.

Second, a little number by Xhilaration. According to the website, this is supposed to be a beach coverup? Whatever -- works as a dress on me. Those are little tiny anchors. Again, the price was right: $17.99

Both dresses are perfect matches to the vintage shades I picked up late last year, and if this arctic blast finally loosens up and Florida warms up again (I'm so worried about the Plant City strawberry crop - I really am), I'll take them with me to St. Pete.

That might be it for summer shopping. Most of my dresses from the last few summers will be in heavy rotation. I'm not a huge shopper, and that trip to Target, plus a run through the clearance racks of Anthropologie and Six for more winter clothes are as much as I can handle right now. Anything special you're looking to pick up?

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