Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nail this Sale

If you plan to make a spring trip to Cape May, Cape Resorts is running a heck of a deal for January 7 to April 8 visits. But you can only book it on January 7, starting at 12:01 am.

Here are the deals:

The Virginia: $82 Sunday through Thursday, $109 Friday and Saturday
Congress Hall: $78 Sunday through Thursday, $99 Friday and Saturday
The Star: $71 Sunday through Thursday, $89 Friday and Saturday

Promo code is 24H.

To give you an idea to the scale of the sale: If you went online right now to book a stay at the Virginia for the weekend of April 16, you're going to pay $269 a night.

So mark your calendar for this one, folks, if a spring shore stay is on your mind.

**NOTE: I checked pricing for Ocean Drive Marathon weekend, and Congress Hall is requiring a two-night stay that weekend. FAIL.

UPDATE: It's 12:05am. I tried to book a room for March 27 at the Star Inn, and I'm getting this message: "We apologize. Your requested rate is not available on the dates you selected." I just tried it again for Congress Hall on March 12. Same thing. Did these rooms really sell out in FIVE MINUTES? What the heck? The only reason I'm up this late is because my grandmother died today, and I'm catching up on the emails I missed. I got an email sent at 12:04 reminding me of the sale, so I figured I should check that off my to-do list. Sorry if your kids are watching, but WTF?

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1 comment:

Mary said...

I did get a night at Congress Hall for the Saturday before my birthday. Thanks, Jen!