Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alas, Strathmere!

BEHOLD! Strathmere's Bride,the Harlequin historical romance that has nothing to do with the Jersey Shore's Strathmere, but keeps coming up in my Strathmere Google alert.

That's $.75 (plus shipping) of research, people. Big dough for a historical romance bought through I'll read through it when I'm done with my current book.

I didn't get my butt in a beach chair yesterday, nor did I make it to Atlantic City Beer Fest. But a lot happened. Expect more soon about a secret ride in Wildwood and a fire at an unfinished Atlantic City casino (and how NOT to try and get to said fire). I'm putting the finishing touches on a New York Times travel piece (NOT about the Jersey Shore) and will write up those updates when that story's shipped off tomorrow.

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